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Most Muscle In Least Time


Just a quick question..... Can anyone suggest a good workout routine to put on the most amount of muscle in the least amount of time? Currently I am doing a 5 day split hitting each bodypart twice a week.


Could you be a bit more specific?
(i.e. what exercises you do on what days? How many sets/reps of each)

Also, some may chime in with more specific answer to this, but I'm a science nerd, so here it goes:

Matter cannot be created or destroyed it can only be transferred.

Try ABBH. It's worked for a lot of people (I'm in the middle of it)


two times a week?
whats ur food intake like first? do u know how many calories u eat a day and how much protein u get?


What is ABBH? My caloric intake is about 4500 and my protein is about 450.


Are you sure? Do you keep a food log?

We need more information than this. How much do you weigh, how tall are you, body fat, years training?


Yeah, ABBH. I'd give that one a try. You may also want to consider TBT. That's a good one.


Anti Bodybuilding Hypertrophy.



I'm 6'2---240. I have close to 22% body fat. My experience is from highschool through college, (football). Now I coach football and i'd just like to get in alot better before next season, August. Can you guys hook me up with some links to these workouts?


Also, a buddy gave me a whole bottle of liquid 4AD-EC. I asked in another thread but no answers. Can anyone tell me what it is and if it's worth taking? I know it's a prohormone and I have to take anti-estrogen afterwards but is just 1 bottle worth fooling with? I used to do MAG-10.


There was a link provided for ABBH a few posts back.


How did you do on MAG-10 and what did you use for PCT. I have some and Im debating whether to use it


The MAG-10 was great!!! Just make sure you get sone nolvadex or 6 OXO to use afterwards man. How did ya get that stuff??? I'd love to have some more of that. BIG gains if ya eat like a horse and go heavy!!! Our strength coach gave us the heads up on it in college.


Oh, my bad, thanks for the link bro'!!


Gettin' Big,
I'd give Chad Waterbury's newest article this week on High Frequency Training a look. If you're looking for hypertrophy, that looks like a sure thing. Also, and I know people will hit you over the head with this, make sure your following a sound nutritional plan.


I never remember anyone EVER saying you needed to take Nolvadex after taking MAG-10 and especially not after taking 4-AD-EC. Maybe something like TRIBEX or Alpha Male to help promote natural T production once again but taking Nolvadex after F'n MAG-10 would be like lopping off your hand because ya got a fucking hangnail.


Agreed dude, overkill. We just did what the ol' strength coach said if we wanted to keep our scholarships ya know!!!! And not do windsprints for asking too many questions!!! LOL