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Most Memorable Movies

i often think of my favorite movies…but they always seem to change. i realize this so instead of thinking of my fav movies id like to tell you some of the most memorable movies of my life (memories can be precious).

  1. Men in Tights. this movie is how i learned what funny was. it began to teach me that all things are funny, it only depends on how you look at em.

  2. Spaceballs. men in tights has to have a runner up.

  3. O Brother Where Art Thou? among friends we call this movie: Homey Where Ya Hangin? Sucka Where Ya At? G Where Ya Chillin? Skillet Where Ya Be? o brother has such a fantasy feel, comedic frivolity, and music to sav’ the soul that i had to watch it three times the first day i saw it. not to mention, the scene with the sirEEEns singin and seductin has got to be the most erotic thing ive ever seen.

  4. Swingers. unceasing entertainment. swingers has it all. if i were to write a screenplay, id like to think it would be like this one.

it’d be nice if i could get some good movie referals and know about your most memorable movies and why.

i know there are many, but i can never remember when asked…

however, here’s one… braveheart. really inspirational.


  1. Apocalypse Now. I never really understood that book Heart of Darkness until I saw that movie.

  2. The Princess Bride. Oh the simple pleasure.

  3. Fight Club. Blew my mind.

  4. Gladiator. I cry at the end every time I am so lame;-)

  5. Good Morning Vietnam. I still cannot figure out why I like this movie but I do.

That is all for now.

  1. Goonies (I can taste the 80’s and feel the black top on the grammar school basketball court when I see this movie)

  2. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Arc (I thought he was a super hero and nearly ran away from home to become an archeologist…I just couldn’t find a whip or a hat that fit)

  3. Commando (I think I started lifting weights because of this movie)

  4. Predator (I KNOW I started lifting weights because of this movie)

I second the Robin Hood: Men In Tights and Spaceballs. Those are some funny movies!

Can’t go wrong with The Godfather Series.

Snatch is a must-see movie. I also felt The Usual Suspects was awesome. Tommy Boy is still one of my favorite comedies - a classic. If you haven’t seen any of these, definitely do so.

1 - Das Boot! If you haven’t seen this get it…It’s about a german U-boat crew during WWII…

2 - The Right Stuff - About the US Space program in the 60’s

3 - Blazing Saddles…everyone gimme a harrummpf !

4 - Pumping Iron

5 - Apocolypse Now

[quote]wufwugy wrote:
i often think of my favorite movies…but they always seem to change.[/quote]

I am such a media slut. I have over three thousand movies on VHS and DVD. Some of my favorites that people quite likely missed…

  • “8MM”
  • “Bulworth”
  • “CB4”
  • “Event Horizon”
  • “Hawk the Slayer”
  • Luhrmann’s “Romeo and Juliet”
  • “Tougher Than Leather”
  • “White Boys”

This list is primarily dominated by hip-hop movies that got lost in the shuffle, mostly due to poor marketing.

Favorites you may have overlooked, but probably heard about…

  • “Alien”
  • “American History X”
  • “A Clockwork Orange”
  • Coppola’s “Dracula”
  • Clive Barker’s “Hellraiser”
  • “Pump Up the Volume”
  • “Se7en”

And, of course, nobody who grew up in the '70s can honestly say “Star Wars” wasn’t a life-changing experience… but who hasn’t seen “Star Wars”?

I also maintain a mental list of people who, in my opinion, have never played a leading role in a bad movie. That list includes Christian Slater, Tommy Lee Jones, Tim Robbins, Gary Oldman, Edward Norton, and Ewan McGregor (although “Velvet Goldmine” was iffy). Notably, it also includes the entire leading cast of “Se7en”: Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt, and Kevin Spacey.

Favorite movie of all time…
Dream Quest(very inspiring)

Favorite comedy…
The Wedding Singer(usually don’t like Adam Sandler MOVIES, but fucking hilarious!)

Honorable mention…
American History X(I could watch it over and over…very emotionally charged)

Lost of good mentions already.

I’m also a big fan of…

The Natural
The Outsiders
13th Warrior
Master and Commander

Anything with Will Ferrel
Harry Potter series

And a recent comedy that I’m definitely getting on DVD…

Napoleon Dynamite, “yesssss”

A few of my favorites:

Memento–I have seen this at least 10 times and still notice something different everytime i watch it.

FIght CLub–just a brilliant movie, the first time i watched it with my buddy it finished and we were both like "WTF just happened.

Vanilla Sky–another good mindf*ck movie that is just all-around enjoyable.

Blow–just watch it

Others:Clerks, Scarface, Office Space (made me never want to get a real job)

Too many to list them all, but here’s a few:

  • The Deerhunter
  • Jacob’s Ladder
  • Shawshank Redemption
  • Taxi Driver
  • Dumb and Dumber
  • Blade
  • Of Mice and Men
  • Boyz in the Hood
  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
  • Silver Bullet
  • any Jet Li movie

[quote]pschlick4 wrote:
Memento–I have seen this at least 10 times and still notice something different everytime i watch it.

Oh, definitely. If you think about it, it’s just such a complete mindfuck: the movie’s essentially been folded in half, and you’re jumping back and forth between the beginning and end as you travel toward the middle. It takes a truly twisted mind to even conceive of such a thing, and to write a story that actually WORKS when treated this way? Amazing. Movies that go backwards have been done many times before, and hopscotching in time was most famously done with “Pulp Fiction” – but that was a series of vignettes, as opposed to a single coherent story.

Christopher Nolan is a really cool director… I’m really looking forward to seeing “Batman Begins” next year.

I’m noticing that in the early parts of the thread, there were a lot of “mindless” comedy and action movies mentioned (okay, everybody: “not that there’s anything wrong with that!”), but now I’m starting to see a lot more thought-provoking movies in people’s lists.

Swimming with sharks; Offce space; Raising Arizona; The Big Lebowski; Swingers; The Princess Bride; Dogma; Austin Powers(2nd one); About a boy; Pulp fiction;…not in any particular order-Julianne

This lis is most memorable not the best or most entertaining:

Rocky (The Original)- I still remember going home with my dad and brother from the theater and all of us chugging egg-shakes (Don’t mention the protein availibility JB)

Caddyshack - You have to know 20 lines from this one.

Saving Private Ryan - The first 5 minutes were so intense(sitting in row 3) that I couldn’t believe how a real battle must feel.

I have to agree with many of the suggestions and there are a few that I’ll have to see. I gotta say that “Heat” is a must see! It’s definitely in my Top 5. It has one of the best dialouges in movie history when DeNiro and Pacino sit down for coffee. The new Michael Mann movie “Collateral” is also a must see.

Just off the top of my head, here are some of my favorites.

SLC Punk
Pump up the volume
Remember the Titans
Boiler Room
Event Horizon
Good Will Hunting
12 Monkeys

I know I will think of some later!

A lot of my favorites are about overcoming:

  • Braveheart
  • Gladiator
  • The Patriot
  • October Sky
  • Simon Birch
  • The Rookie
  • The Knight’s Tale (good comedy also)


  • The Matrix (the first one, the others got too weird)
  • 50 First Dates (Adam Sandler isn’t my fave, but this one was good)
  • The Right Stuff
  • The Cure
  • Platoon

Okay, I’ve got some varying tastes.

All of mine have been listed, with the exception of L.A. Confidential. Got robbed of an Oscar by the steaming pile of feces that was Titanic. Possibly the most underrated movie of the last decade.

In no particular order:
Visionquest- that monster shute doing stadiums with a telephone pole on his shoulders asking “you gonna make weight?”

13th Warrior- Can’t stand Banderas in any other movie except maybe…
Desperado- almost as good as el mariachi but no subtitles or bad voice overs.

Boondock Saints- loved this movie from the first time I picked it up off the shelves at blockbuster.

Cool Hand Luke

The Outlaw Josey Wales-or the Unforgiven, must sees for any fan of westerns.

Seven Samurai- Black and white? yep. Subtitles? yep. Kicks ass in any language? yep.