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Most Mass You Have Gained in a Year?


So far for me It has been 14 lbs.

Just wondering how much mass you have been able to add in your best year of training.


You may want to specify lean mass here, I could add a fuckton of mass if I wanted to but it wouldn't be the good stuff. Like I had a bad bulk for example where I gained like 40 lbs, but not nearly enough muscle. The cutting was bad times.


Muscle alone. I don't really care about water weight ect but not counting the fat.


over 9000 pounds.




and After...


Please, Saiyan Monkey transformations don't count, everyone knows that shit's cheating. Moonlight and all....

this is a better transformation, 40lbs:

Goku fighting Raditz:


Of fat? Yea I can tell.


Goku fighting Vegeta a year later.


I started training seriously again (though im not sure i would call what i was doing previously serious) right after i recovered from mono in march of 2010, and was 190 lbs at 6'3. So almost exactly a year later, i am up to 250 and still have a 6 pack (though im sure i can cut about 25 lbs of fat no problem right now)


that's insane.


Yeah, well i still got a long way to go. I have a pretty big frame, 6'3, very long arms, broad shoulders. I know a lot of guys at 220 that look the same size as me and are close to my height, but i dont think ill really start to look as big as id like until i get close to 275, and definitely leaner than i am now. Im at 10% atm, would like to be 275 and 6%


Goku after contest prep



Vegeta, shown here at a skinny fat 130lbs (if he's lucky):


Vegeta after 4 years of Squats and Milk @ 200lbs, 5"4 3 weeks out condition.


LOL at all the DBZ pics! :smiley:


Damn what were Vegeta's and Goku's training and eating programs.



senzu beans and I, BODYBUILDER in the hyperbolic time chamber


LOL! Don't forget the Anaconda. Goku flies to the Amazon every Sunday to get a week's supply...