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Most Mass-Rows vs. Chins


ive made my own program based around the squat, deadlift and bench press but im looking to add an upper body pulling exercise and was considering either weighted pull ups or barbell bent over rows

what i would like to know (seeing as i am trying to add as much muscle as possible for the next 8-10 weeks) is which exercise, weighted pullups or barbell bent over rows, is going to add the most muscle in the shortest amount of time.

thanks for reading


8-10 weeks? Neither are going to add any significant size.

The whole thinking process here is off but to answer your question since that's all you truly want I would rather do pullups if my program already had rows and I had to choose. Why you have to choose... why 8-10 weeks only I don't know but I'll let you figure that out.


im doing a 3x5 type program and GOMAD i just want to know which exercise activates more muscle :slight_smile: i dont even care how i look i just want to weigh more...

thank you for your reply mate

anyone else ?


Do both if you want to build the most muscle.


both easily, done pullups at home and rows in the gym


Each excercise activates different muscles, so doing both would make the most sense. Be sure not to cheat on the pullups - no swinging up, and go down in a controlled manner until you feel a good stretch in the lats. Doing multiple sets of good controlled pullups with a slow tempo is great for building mass. Doing half-assed swinging pullups only going down part way is a waste of time. If you do them right you will not need any additional weight.


You need rowing and pulling movements to develop a complete back, neither is superior to the other.


???? I thought a row was a pulling movement.


I'm sure he ment a different type of movement to a row like the lat pulldown etc


Should of said horizontal and vertical pulling but clearly it was self explanatory.