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Most Livestock Fed High Amts of Soy


Especially Chickens

What the hell!!!!!


Who cares. You're still eating chicken, not soy chicken.


Soy if from the antichrist, I don't want any of it to leach the test out of my sack


It will probably affect the fatty acid content of the chicken, just like cows fed corn/soy, or chickens fed flax(omega-3 eggs), I don't know about the protein content, but yeah, soy sucks.


One thing I do not understand is why some of these pro bodybuilders take all these anti-estrogen related supps/drugs yet don't buy organic food. All the department store crap is sprayed with pesticides and other fucked up shit like in the OP. Shit is estrogenic


I think bro bb'ers are doing a good job doing what they do.


And somehow you think I am suggesting they are not from what I wrote?

I'm just asking the question. Why eat a bunch of pesticide sprayed (estrogenic) food then turn around and pump yourself with anti-estrogens? I don't understand.


I mean aren't some of these guys having multiple gyno surgeries?


It is cheaper and they would not take fewer drugs if they ate "perfect" food.

People worry too much about the small stuff.

Did you eat enough fruits and veggies? Did you eat enough protein? Did you cut the sugar and carb laden crap out of your diet? That is enough for almost everyone.


No offense man, but eating chicken isnt causing their gyno.


Yeah, definitely not the several grams of Testosterone, it must be that soy-fed chicken...


I know drugs are the main cause. I'm just saying eating 10,000 cals/day of pesticide sprayed food and feedlot meat for years might have an impact as well.

Even some of the top guys who have money you don't really see talk about organic food. Everyone has seen the videos of Jay Cutler loading up his cart at Costco, it's only recently with this Eat to Grow program he's endorsing do you really see him mentioning organic food. The only bodybuilder I've ever seen eating all organic is Evan Centopani.

Look I'm not saying all problems will suddenly go away with switching to organic food. Just that it probably would have a positive impact. If bodybuilding is your livelihood and you can afford it, why not?


Organic chicken and beef are fed organic soy and corn. In order to get meat without any soy based feed you would likely have to purchase direct from a farm that practices pasturing (grass feeding, or in the case of chickens feeding on the grubs and bugs in the grass) or a butcher shop that purchases from pasture raised farms.

Even shopping at whole foods is no guarantee; SOME of their beef is 100% pasture raised and as far as I know their chicken is of the "organic" variety (i.e still eating corn and soy). The organic label, especially for meat is largely a crock of shit. The label 'natural' on meat means less than nothing, especially for chickens "fed no growth hormones or antibiotics" (two practices that chickens don't receive any way).

My point in all this; if your goal is to eliminate soy from your food chain, shopping for the organic label ain't gonna cut it. I eat pasture raised meat when I can, but it's expensive.


you can't really avoid soy...it's everywhere...

plus, the estrogen-soy link is far from certain and is most likely not true...there are tons of conflicting studies on the issue...

and, i know markus ruhl uses soy protein powder....so, i'm not even worried lol...


The reason feedlot animals are fed a lot of soy is because soy contains high amounts of protein and is reasonably cheap and its either that or feed you cows, chicken, lamb and whatever other kind of meal you like with animal derived feed. That is incidentally part of how mad cow decease came about. I don't know about you but I would rather eat a cow fed on soy than one fed on another cow!


Cows have been domesticated for 10,000 years. They have eaten corn and soy for less than 100 years. I would rather eat a cow that ate grass.


You know, it really gets annoying with people nowadays complaining about stuff like this ^^. What does it matter if a cow is pastured or fed grains? if the cows couldn't tolerate it, it would certainly show.

Cows live, eat, die, and then we eat them. Just like humans(minus the eating part.) Same thing with people who argue about High Fructose corn syrup. It ONLY matters what the macro breakdown is.

If you eat corn, its sugar.
Bread? It's sugar.
Oats? Its sugar.
Fruit? Is sugar.

You can argue the GI of all of these if you want, but in the end, its fast carbs. And you aren't going to grow tits from a lil' soy here and there.


Sorry I'm not sure I understand the point you're trying to make. Are you saying that it doesn't matter what the cows are fed, because their macro content is still the same? Or are you saying that a persons source of calories doesn't matter, just the overall macro breakdown? Or both...


Does he still smoke?


It does show. The cows quickly develop an intolerance to the grain and soy diet and develop severe bowl diseases. They are preventatively fed antibiotics to counteract this problem. They in turn give ample breeding ground to anti biotic resistant ecoli. Does none of this sound like a problem to you?

My family were ranchers for four generations (my grandfather still is). When I talk to him about feedlots, his response is "it's just shameful". Farmers know that the meat system in this country is unhealthy, inhumane and big trouble waiting to happen (animal born disease).