Most intimidating guy

The idea for this thread came from my 8 year old neighbor, who is a big wrestling fan and worships Brock Lesnar, who I think is one of the scariest looking dudes around. Seems like he would be scared by him, not love him.
So who is the most intimidating, bad-ass looking dude around? Somebody you would never ever want to mess with? (Not who actually IS the baddest dude, who LOOKS like they are).

I’d go with Brock, Kimo Leopoldo and Mike Tyson.


I agree with Brock Lesner. But I’d be scared shitless of Ray Lewis.

Yeah Tyson is a beast…How about Brad Cardoza from the photo thread!!I Would’nt F with him!

Mariuz Pudzianowski.

Yeah Iron Mike was pretty intimidating as he came down to the ring and then met up with his oppenent in the middle of the ring. He probably won alot of his fights by intimidation. I second Ray Lewis for football also.

Stephen Hawking

the big unit randy johnson. i dont give a shit if hes skinny as fuck, hes a freak!

Gino Gioe, Ken Shamrock, Mr. Myiagi that little man is insame “Wax On”

Jet Li. He’s a proven “I-can-kick-anyone’s-ass” guy.

I guess I left football players out, so I’d go with Kyle Turley on offense and Lewis or Urlacher on defense.

In basketball, probably Ben Wallace.

P-Dog: Randy Johnson? Are you shitting me or for real?

Probably Rickson Gracie. If you have ever seen him fight with that mummy style gait and that medusa stare then you’ll know what I mean! Plus he is actually pretty rock hard.

USMC drill instructor

yeah p-dog is serious. For god’s dake Johnson is a giant compared to the 5’7"(on a good day with heels on) P-dog.

I personally am intimidated by Brock Lesnar and HHH, but also some of the straight up freaks like Marilyn Manson.

Bob Sapp

dude the unit is a freak! look at him, watch him pitch. he freaken goes berzerk out there on the bump.

plus he is a total trailer park oki, he’ll bust you over the head with a hub-cap!

he is the most intimidating man in mlb.

Richard Simmons (If your face gets caught in his hair you won’t be breathing pal).

Oleg Taktarov

I’m intimidated by Ericka from T-Mag. She’s 5’11 and takes no shit from anyone.

Big Unit Randy Johnson is the shit. You stand 60ft 6inches away from a 95+mph ball coming at you. Go ahead I ain’t.

Beetlejuice from Stern