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Most Insane Cheat Meal Ever?


Not sure if this has been talked about before, but just wanted throw it out there and see what kind of damage some of you guys have done in a single meal?

If you can remember it, it was probably legendary!

Time to gross everyone out....fire away!


10 racks of ribs at All-You-Can-Eat night.

I had ice cream later that night and hell on the toilet the next day.


$20 spent at Taco Bell, this followed a very long practice against Oregon State and their option-veer offense.


Something similar to mine:

Tried to down a 4 lb burger challenge at a local bar and grill in Springfield, MO. got 3/4 down and felt like death!

Then a couple of hours later I got some cookie dough ice cream at a local ice cream place because it was supposed to be the best around . . . . it was :slightly_smiling:


4-8 cups oats, 1 quart low fat ice cream, snickers bar every thursday for a skipload when losing weight. over a 6ish hour period


Some kind of brazilian dish I had just now.

1 beef, 1 chicken, 1 pork fillet grilled+ a ton of rice and beans. filled up a large take out container.


My old friend from NY was going to be in the bay area for business out here, so I offered to make the drive to see him and grab dinner in San Francisco.

So I left to time it to avoid traffic, which meant from the time I left my place until I got to eat would be about 3 hours. I decided to make half a weight gainer shake for a total of 1250 calories and slam it before I got on the road.

So I get to SF and we went to The Stinking Rose (which is awesome, by the way) and I had the entire plate of rolls brought to the table and loaded each one with their garlic mashed oil butter cauldron concoction stuff.

Then I got the 2lbs of dungeness crab (or whatever it is, lol) loaded with butter and garlic and a side of cous cous. After wolfing all of that down, I ordered the goblet of garlic ice cream that was doused in caramel mole sauce and inhaled that, too.

All with two diet cokes. (To watch my figure.)

Then we shot the shit for a while, and it was time to head back home. He had been given homemade cookies by my mom to deliver to me while he was out here. So now I've got a gladware tub of butterscotch oatmeal cookies in my hand.

I waddle back to my car and decided to head over to ghiradellis chocolate factory to get a large chocolate malt for the ride home. So I spent the next hour and a half downing the entire tub of cookies and the chocolate shake.

I was so fucking stoned that evening.


Mongolian BBQ places- 4-5 pounds of meat, a pound of rice, a huge derving of veggies, all covered in delicious, MSG-laden sauce.


this cheat meal sucks.


6 hot dogs wrapped in cheese and bacon & tortillas, a dozen hot wings, big bag of tortilla chips....

Later that same day went to Fudruckers and had a giant burger (16 oz), onion rings, fries and a big chocolate shake...

Pint of ice cream - full fat...

Then spent the rest of the night on the toilet. : )

This was in my 20's - I couldn't do that now.


What was yours?


For me, last year december I had 4 burger rounder meals at KFC, so 4 burgers, 4 chips, 4 cokes. Good times!!

About 2 weeks ago throughout the day I had 2 KFC large tower rounder burger meals, 2 large meaty pizzas, 750ml ice cream milkshake and a 750ml protein smoothie shake before bed. Next day I lived on the toilet haha!


My skipload one day included the following:

about 2 boxes of lucky charms and capn' crunch
box of poptarts
2 bags gummi candies
2-3 bagels
unknown amount of fat free chocolate ice cream
1 bag of (60) mini-pancakes + syrup

There might have been other stuff, but you get the idea : ). Was back to my baseline weight 2 days later too.


This is a fun thread,

My cheat lunch last Sunday, half dozen large buttermilk pancakes + bacon (lots of bacon) drenched in maple syrup, covered in yoghurt, bananas and pineapple,

Mashed potato and gravy with french fries for dipping is another favorite cheat day meal on mine (usually with a whole chicken too).


Good Lord...that's an insane amount of food.....total colon assault!


rrjc, lol! Is the Stinking Rose that crazy 'all garlic' place near the financial district? If so, that place is awesome. I used to intern at a law firm right down the street - next to that big triangle building thing on Montgomery! Small world!


Finished a 6 week dieting session (22lbs dropped NO CHEATING) on Wednesday and had an unrestricted cheat day on Thursday.

My first cheat meal consisted of:

1 Large Domino's pizza double pepperoni, double cheese, double black olives + 2 garlic dipping sauces

1 order of Cheezy bread

1 lava Crunch Cake

1 bowl of mint chocolate Ice Cream (no idea how many kcals)

That's 4330kcals according to Domino's website. I had one slice left over so about ~4000kcals. I felt pretty bad after and it hurt to breathe for a while - lol.

For dinner I went to an All You Can Eat place.


11 hot dogs and 11 pretzels at a baseball game because I bet my cousin I could eat one hot dog and pretzel for each inning. I ate two extra because no one else would finish it. When I got home I was clutching the toilet.


Oh and the following day I PR'ed on my Push Press :slightly_smiling:


It would have been awesome if the game went 13-14+ innings...