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Most Important


What muscles of the body do you think is the most important to train to become a boxer? Legs-grip-core-hips-back-arms-chest/ and also what do u think is the best for conditioning 2-5 mile runs or 40-100yard sprints?


testicular fortitude


..OK, so how do I execute a sit up for my balls? It doesn't seem practical.


I know it is not a muscle, but brain.

The technique is the important thing. Work the technique right and the muscles will come.


very good thats what i was looking for.


Yup. And for the running- mix them up. Use both.


The heart (both literally and figuratively).


I was gonna make another smart alec comment but got distracted by lisa ann... i love that woman


I might have to change my avatar to Roy Nelson to get you back on point.