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Most Important Supplement for Strength & Size?


I’m trying to save money as well as cut back on how many supplements I take. What would be the most important Biotest supplement to use for overall strength and size?


Plazma, Plazma, Plazma, Plazma, 20 characters


Is there anything else I should be taking with Plazma then or does that do the job?


It really depends on your regular nutrition and whether or not you have gaps that need to be filled. If you are low on D3 or zinc or something, a supplement can be a big difference for cheap. If you are covering it with your diet it can be worthless to you.


You have the money? 1 dose. More money? 2 doses. More money? 2 doses and 1 Mag-10.

Apart from that, a decent eating habit goes a long way.


Thanks. I’ll start with the Plazma


Definitely agree with ‘Plazma’ as number one. Though:

Do you really feel that this is significantly better than taking 1 dose and purchasing some other Biotest supps?

I’m in a situation where I could afford 2 doses of Plazma per session, OR 1 dose and a few other meaningful ancillaries – such as Flameout. Personally, I’d hate to give up my Flameout. The stuff is magic (tendonitis issues have disappeared and only reappear when I stop)

Oh, also, on that note, colenelson09 – definitely consider some Flameout if you can afford it and Plazma. I’ve never used Mag-10, so can’t chime in there, but have loved Flameout. While not necessarily ‘for’ strength and size, what it does for overall wellbeing, insulin sensitivity and nutrient repartioning will go a long way towards your strength and size.


I was answering his question directly. Of course I could have went deeper, but I find that most people just want to hear the answer they already know.

Flameout is a great supplement. I take omegas everyday myself and have been doing it for over 40 years (cod liver oil anyone?).

But, after having experimented with Plazma over the years, the above is what I believe in. I like be Mag-10, but the benefits of Plazma cannot be overlooked. You will make better progress with it then great eating habits and good program alone. Scientifically proven? Don’t know, don’t care. My body is what I gauge my response.

At 50, recovery is paramount. Plazma is the tool for me.

ZMA is also a great bang for the bucks supplement.


Not a biotest supplement but have you ever tried sleep? I heard it’s pretty good.


Thanks for the thoughts, JFG!

Know what’s better than sleep?