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Most Important Non-Supp Supps


For clarification, I'm not referring to things like surge, spike, prohormones, stimulants, etc...I'm referring to those things that are more along the lines of fish oils, vitamin D, etc. What are the ones that you consider VITAL...where you tell someone "you don't supplement with X, why not??"

Obviously Flameout(or other fish oils, I guess) should be there, Vitamin D seems to be pretty big these days, I'm reading more about Vitamin K and apple cider vinegar in a number of places. What other supps do you guys swear by?

Thanks for the responses


I take Fish oil, vitamin D and now vitamin K. Also take cinnamon before every meal.


definitely cinnamon, coconut oil, EVOO, Turmeric, low dose aspirin, b-vitamins, DMAE for the noggin, and just generally eat a shitload of spinach and tomatoes


jugs and jugs of crystal light


Hell yeah,... the amount of crystal light and BCAAs I was ingesting this past spring is just insane -lol.



FiberOne, regular bowels are happy bowels.


fish oil, vitamin B and C and evoo.


glucomannan is a cool source of fiber


Not sure what you mean by non-supp supps,do you mean general benefits,rather than simply training supplements?
The line gets blurred between food and supps after a point as well.

Anyway,besides Creatine,L-Glutamine,Beta Alanine,Taurine,I love-

Apple Cider Vinegar* (good for the joints too)
Green Tea
Nicotine patches*
Fish Oil and/or Flaxseed (ground,NOT oil)
Coconut Oil
Chilli Sauce or mustard (I like the taste,but will add it to foods whether I fancy it or not,for the metabolism/energy boost,and it really clears out mucus)

Ginseng & Ginkgo Biloba (Or Ginseng & Royal Jelly vials sometimes,cycle on and off both)

-Tiger Muscle Rub (From the makers of Tiger Balm-In my opinion,EVERY serious athlete or lifter should have a stash of this,forget deep heat,etc. this is the original old,old school shit! I use it after a hard session,before a session if stiff,or for DOMS,or when I need to warm up fast.It's a natural healing analgesic/anaesthetic)

-Marijuana? (seriously-just a little though)


haha, I agree with the Marijuana :wink:

-Sugar Free Jelly (Jell-O in US) Crystals, I add them to my shakes (plain whey not that tasty) and I THOROUGHLY recommend it if you have plain whey or even to make your regular one taste better :slightly_smiling:


fish oils, vitamin d, pop tarts


THAT is a fucking fantastic idea. Thankyou bruv! :wink:


Fish Oil and a good Multi-Vitiman. I honestly dont see the big deal about vitiman D, I mean just get out and get a few miniutes of sun everyday.