Most Important Muscles for Aesthetics: Delts, Waist, Glutes

I was trying to think of what muscle groups when beefed up provide the most bang for buck in terms of physique improvement irrespective of gender and I’ve landed on the following:

Broad Shoulders + Narrow Waist + Strong Glutes = Minimum needed for an Aesthetic Physique

Any thoughts on this?

Neck, traps and forearms

Symmetrical balance is most important, as long as you have some obvious muscle.

To attract attention shirtless is really great abs (on a symmetrical physique.)
To attract attention in a shirt is delts and traps.
To attract attention in shorts is calves and glutes (but you need some thighs too)

A lean look is required for all of the above.

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I was thinking of shoulders maximizing the shoulder-to-waist ratio and glutes maximizing the hip-to-waist ratio since these are both factors in building an attractive physique.

You did use the descriptive word “aesthetics” and not impact.

You’re right on. Wide shoulders, narrow waist, athletic hips. They call it the “X Frame” for dudes or the “Hourglass” for women.

Shoulders and glutes are usually a good place to start, but the most bang for the buck will come from training whatever is most lacking.

Hopefully you’ll train long enough to turn a “weakness” like small shoulders into a “strength” like big shoulders. Then you’ll turn your focus to the new “weakest” part. Like the chicken neck or skinny calves.

I agree. And a good set of arms, especially for clothes sexiness.

It really seems to be a massive jump from look good naked to look good clothed, good being fit/big.

Its the Thumb Flexors for me. Gotta have big Thumb Flexors.


Do you live next to a cornfield?

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I do actually…

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What kind of corn? I like a good field of sweet corn, but some might prefer living next to a field of feed corn or even popcorn.

I like big traps and the goon look they impart almost as much as I liked growing up in Indiana with our many impressive corn fields.