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Most Important Muscle Groups for Majority of Movement Patterns?

I was thinking what muscles are most important pertaining to most movement patterns humans engage in.

Here are some:
Ground Work/Rolling/Crawling

I am under the impression that a strong grip and posterior chain pretty much has positive transferability to almost all of these skills. I am not sure anything else carries over as well. Any thoughts?

Based on that long list…pretty much all muscle groups play a roll in various degrees.

Most of what you listed could be performed 100% without hands, so grip strength isn’t very relevant to them.

Core strength, absolutely. Weak abs and a weak back will put a halt to pretty much any worthwhile activity, while improving ab and back strength makes pretty much any activity easier.

Running/sprinting, jumping, climbing, swimming, lifting, catching and fighting aren’t really “movement patterns”. Those are either skills, forms of exercise, or variations of more fundamental patterns.

Minus walking, running, jumping; everything else includes the hands.

Those activities can include hands, and they typically include the hands, but rolling/crawling, swimming, lifting, carrying, catching, and fighting can all be performed without hands… unless you’re referring to very specific forms of those activities. So I’m just saying, grip strength isn’t an absolute must/guaranteed improvement on those general categories.

Also, you overlooked the part where I disagreed with your initial list of movement patterns in the first place, so this thought experiment is on shaky ground from the get-go.



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Grip strength is trill.

Fighting without hands is “kicking” and that’s what girls do.

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Bruh. Sum times I throw dem bows. Ain’t no fingers on dem bows.

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The diaphragm, unless you want to suffocate.

Otherwise, in my personal opinion,

  • Latissimus dorsi
  • Glute Max
  • Adductor Magnus
  • Psoas major
  • Internal oblique
  • External oblique

Locomotion and breathing are the most fundamental movement patterns we have though?

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Walking was the first thing on his list, not disputing that one.


Mon ami, you are overlooking French foot fighting.


Trill is “True” conjugated with “Real.”

I guess ruffians can use elbows and continental types can do some kicks.

Looking at the list of important muscle groups, Is the sumo deadlift the most functional move?

Not sure if that response is for me, but yes the only valid conclusion from this must be that if we all moved around with a wide stance we would be faster and less injurious :joy:.

FWIW, I made that selection because glutes and Adductor magnus are the two strongest hip extensors, psoas because you need it for gait, obliques because they can produce more overall force than rectus and because most human movement is built around trunk rotation, and lats because they’re vital for lifting, sprinting and climbing

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The purpose of this thread in the beginner’s section is for what exactly?

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The latest high-tech split. Psoas day 3 days a week babyyyyy


Yes of course…:wink: