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Most Important BB Foods?


Hey guys, its me again. I was wondering what foods you guys like to eat the most while packing on mass. What foods have been the most anobolic? What are youre thoughts?


The answer to all three questions: MEAT.


Right now I stick with purely whey protein,waxy maize, leucine, oatmeal, beef, eggs, veggies, extra virgin olive oil, some chicken, lots of water. That's about it for me.


Oops I forgot natty peanut butter and cottage cheese, silly me!




spoken like a true prodigy


Most anabolic? Correct me if I'm wrong, but there are no stages of food being anabolic...the body can be catabolic or anabolic. Eating protein will put you into an anabolic state. no?


Food is of course anabolic in the sense without it.. Ya Aint Gonna Grow!

I would say some of the most important BB foods are (in no specific order):

Meats other than Rabbit, Duck, Lamb (etc)
White and oily Fish
Crunchy Peanut Butter
Whey Powder
Flax and Soya/Rye/Wholegrain Breads
Leafy, Fibrous Veggies

I would consider those the most important - there you can have a clean, nutritious and balanced diet supporting muscle and strength.