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Most Important Amino Acid Supp?


BCAAs, Glutamine, Leucine, Beta-Alanine, and several other types of amino acids seem to be sold as supplements these days. My question is if a person had to make a choice between all the amino acid supplements and could only choose one, which one should it be.

My friend supplements with Whey, a weight gainer, fish oil supplements, and creatine and can really only afford one type of amino acid. I recommended BCAAs to him but he is leaning towards Glutamine although I don't know why. Which is the most cost-effective choice in your opinions (most bang for your buck)?


I personally would go for BCAA's or the Leucine (if its taken along with a source of protein). I've noticed a huge decrease in DOMS when increasing the amount of BCAA's I take in.

A lot of people are on the fence about glutamine and some people think it doesn't really do anything for you. Beta-Alanine is great but can be expensive.


I recommend Surge.

It's got BCAAs and Glutamine.


Leucine, it is the most anabolic of the branched chain amino acids.


x2 Well said Lee.

I found a study the other day that showed how well L-Leucine worked.


Good stuff.


If he can get the bcaas for cheap i would go with that i agree leucine is the most important.


Subjects were fasted. Do the testing parameter apply to most of us?


I would go with Beta Alanine with the creatine if he's bulking, but BCAAs or Leucine for workouts if he's cutting.