Most HRT Providers are RNs?

It seems like most HRT providers that I’ve found are RNs, or FNPs. Oftentimes women. Not as many MDs. RNs are more interested? More time to learn? Need the extra $$? Maybe I’m wrong…

It’s all about business and TRT doesn’t come close to the bulk of their business. Also with all the conflicting studies on TRT being safe, most doctors are anti-TRT and scared shitless prescribing it.

Most of my endo’s patients are diabetics, next thyroid disorders and only has a few on TRT.

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Depends. The doctors tend to be Men, but they hire NPs and RNs to run the business. I dont see a problem with it as long as Im getting what I need out of it. Quality care. Its with GP’s where you may run into some issues if they are female and you’re not fully understood. Male GPs can be just as bad, this also includes Endos and Uro’s who are not well versed in hormones. But Id trust an Endo, Uro,NP, RN, if they solely focus on HRT.

I prefer women RNs. Never thought I’d say that. My current female RN orders any lab I want, and is more current than any MD I’ve had. Unfortunately, she’s near retirement.