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Most Hated Man Article



Nobody understands that he used synthol to get those god awful arms.


You posted a link that references a thread on this T-Nation.

Either my browser is messed up or something is wrong here.


I thought it was clear that he didn't use synthol.


BTW, cool videos...



this thread sucks


No your browser is ok. I guess that I wasn't explicit enough.

Reddit.com is a social news website like digg.com where users post links.

I posted this because I thought that it was interesting for two reasons.

First, it shows how people unfamiliar with bodybuilding interpret the photos. They don't understand at all. A lot of comments on steroid usage for example.

Second, it's the first time that I see a T-Nation article referenced on a mainstream kind of site. Reddit.com has a lot more visitors than T-Nation.