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Most Hated Food


What is one food that alot of people you know eat and you cant understand why because it is freakin discusting.

The food that I feel this way about is popcorn. God I hate popcorn


taco bell


What are you kidding? Taco bell is the shiznit. That is, of course, until you have to punish your toilet.

As for my food that I hate yet everyone else seems to love, macaroni and cheese.




Marshmellows....gag makes me want to puke just thinking about them.


So far, olives... i can only eat them with the Greek burgers recipe from PN.




I can't even think of anything.

This is like food racism. An OUTRAGE, I tell you, an OUTRAGE.

Love all foods equally.


Horse sushi. Everytime I see it I just hear the neighing of a horse.
Be careful if you ever come to Japan.


...says the fat man.


Although almost "Life itself" for millions...

I cannot, and never have been, able to tolerate Teas and Coffees of ANY type...

I don't care how much sugar, "Lala-Mocha-Capa-poo-poo" you put in...

I hurl...

I just don't get it...



horse sushi? really is there such a thing? I'm not flaming you bro just really curious. I'm from Kentucky, in America (Kentucky Derby and all) and when I got offered horse in France it was awkward for me...but raw horse just seems wierd! I know It's a cultural thing but im really curious about this!




Once was served warm goat cheese on a salad at a private dinner engagement. To be polite to the hostess, I ate it. Felt like I was eating a yeast infection. Had a smell, texture, and temperature that ruined the rest of the meal.


Damn, somebody already said shellfish and coffee. I'll add ketchup.


mustard and condiments in general.


Nearest I can come is an ingredient.

Some kind of seed used in mango chutney. It's about the size of an almond, and it tastes like slow death.

Other than that, I can't think of anything that I wouldn't eat if it was well prepared.


Yeah it really exists. Not everywhere of course but I have ran into it a few times. They say it is lower in fat and higher in protein than beef. Still, I can't eat it. Yes and it is raw.


Adalberto's if any of you live in Cali you'll know what I mean.

I had a super burrito last night and I've paid for it today. 6 fucking times.


Papaya...Smells just like shit.