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Most Hated Bands


Guys, Jesse Cohen is decidely homosexual.


Sugar Ray - biggest sellouts ever

Thier CD "Lemonade and Brownies" actually kicked ass.... it rocked. Then they sold out to play all middle-school teenie pop. bleh....


Nickelback, Creed, and Rush.


You kids today wouldn't know good music if it put on it mother's mascara, laced up some assless chaps, and stole your girlfriend.

The worst music in the world is Southern Rock: Lynard Skynard, 38 Special, etc. It should have ben part of the terms of surender at Appomatox that no one below the Mason-Dixon line would be allowed to buy a Marshall amp.


I think you have gotten it right with this post. My little sister was one of those devoted New Kids on the Block followers. She had the posters, videos, incessant discussions of which guy was cuter, it ruled her life. Hearing their music still puts me into a murderous rage. They were without a doubt one of the worst bands ever.
Van Halen got me through until I could leave the house.


Minor Threat emo? No... straightedge hardcore. Emo started with, like, the Descendents...

But I like 'em anyway.


Since when was DMB emo?


Aw man! Menudo rocks! Color Me Bad is insane!
But you forgot the KING of hated bands:
WHAM! (You know George Michael and that other clown)


Top three hated:

  1. Smashmouth
  2. Lifehouse
  3. Maroon 5

So depressing


The Doors


You forgot Molly Hatchet. And they rule!!!


Green Day!

The band members are middle aged (40+), yet they can't write any better music than the crap they put out? Hell, if they're 40 year old musicians, I'm expecting some mature sounding music. Their brand of music would lame if they were all 25, but it's just pathetic coming from guys whose children should be in college. A 12 year old could write those songs.

They were a neat little fringe act until they decided to become a 'political' band, but now their crap is all over the radio.

I HATE Green Day!


1) Any band that plays bullshit, weepy, I'm-so-full-of-teenage-angst-won't-someone-please-fuck-me-in-the-ass music (My Chemical Romance, etc).

2) Any punk or pseudo-punk or pop-punk band (Green Day, Blink, Sum 41, ad infinitum).

3) New Aerosmith, Metallica, Stones, or Skynyrd music. If I drop two bills to see the Stones it's a safe bet that I'm not going so I can hear Sweet fucking Neocon.

4) System of a Down. I wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire.


Any Nu metal band
And metalcore band
Any emo or pop punk band
Almost any indie rock band
Selouts(Metallica, In flames, Arch enemy, etc.)


U2 and Fallout Boy.

I wish Bono would get hit by a fucking asteroid I hate him so much.


Dave Matthews Band
Dixie Chicks

I am sure I will think of more, these just off the top of my head.


Almost got me there. For a second, I thought you were being serious.

Only hammer and sickle waving Communists hate Lynyrd Skynyrd.


Learn how to spell, ya hick!


I agree with you on most of these, but how in the hell did GodSmack get coupled in with the likes of these fellas.


We're all pretty sure you are completely fucking wrong about everything in your post, except for that part about you being an emo pussy.