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Most Hated Bands


With all this talk of "What songs get you the most pumped up to lift," I'm starting my own, of "Bands you hope get herpes and can't perform ever again." Top 5 for me:

5) Dave Matthews Band and Coldplay (tie): You fuckers started this whole "emo" craze (The Fray, James Blunt, Modest Mouse, etc) of pussy guys whining to pussy music and wearing pussy clothes.

4) Staind: Whiny little bitches. So I know you hated your parents. Stop whining about it. Or at least deal with it like Jonathan Davis from Korn does; scream and cuss into the microphone.

3) Lil Jon and the Yin Yang twins: Whaaaa? Yeeeeea. You have no talent. You can't even speak correctly. No one likes you.

2) Creed: If you even need an explaination to why they suck then you suck too.

And my most hated band:

1) System of a Down: If you were to put a pig and Peewee Herman in a blender and then play a guitar while blending them, it would sound like a System song.


"You know how I know you're gay?

... cause you like Coldplay."

  • Sorry, couldn't resist a "40 Year Old Virgin" quote. Love it.


1) Van Halen - I hate everything they play. I'm pretty sure the soundtrack to hell is "Panama".

2) Lil' John - Crunk isn't a word.

3) Limp Bizkit - When all your hits are cover songs!

4) Essentially all modern country music. "Billy has his Beer Goggles On" makes my soul weep for Waylon and Cash and what their genre has become.


I would disagree with System of the Down. Yes their new album is freaking horrible but the first two I liked. I would have to put Sugar Ray on here, was a great band until they sold out! Worst sell out ever!

Do not like the new Pop Punk thing going on also.

Good news, God Smacks new album is out!

  1. Usher
  2. Garth Brooks
  3. Madonna
  4. P. Diddy
  5. Sam Roberts Band


Whoa, whoa, hey whoa!! Leave Eddie and the boys out of this. My guess is that you are too young to really know Van Halen.


This may very well be one of the most ignorant statements ever made about music...

Dave Matthews Band and Coldplay did NOT start emo. You have no clue what emo even is. Modest Mouse is one of the least emo bands I have ever heard. They are straight up indie rock.

Furthermore these are all bands that are more or less quite recent. Emo started in the late 80's with Minor THreat and Rites of Spring.

And how is Modest Mouse and Dave Matthews whiny? Coldplay, sure, I can see that. And as a band they just rehash the same shit over and over again. But the former bands are not whiny by any means. Showing emotion does not make you a pussy bitch.

Anyways, any commercial artist that has no artistic integrity pisses me off, especially when they have a "I'm the shit" attitude.


smashmouth. i just happened to see a guy that looked exactly like the lead singer at the bank yesterday.i just started laughing.


Well, Jesse Cohen, you suck balls!
DMB rocks (long live emo, and yes I do have a hot-ass girlfriend)! SOAD rocks! And I may not have been laid but I can f**k you up! Sorry, another 40 Year Old Virgin quote...
These bands suck;
Poison, White Snake, and pretty much every other 80s whiny-guitar-based band ever created.


Haha, I knew this would get somebody's attention! I really don't know what it is, but God I hate Van Halen. I don't think it's youth because most of my favorite music is older forms of rock.


There have been some pretty shitty bands listed but VH is not one of them.


I don't know about all that but I know those bands suck.


I hate:

Dashboard Confessional
Deathcab For Cutie
Coheed and Cambria
New Found Glory
At the Drive In
Jimmy Eat World
Good Charlette


The Darkness should be here also, i hate this band.

At least White Snake had Steve Vai!!!

I am said to say i say Poison, they open up for Ratt.


What really sucks is that most rock radio stations seem to think Staind is heavy-metal, and thus deserves heavy rotation. Especially that fucking "Falling is Easy" atrocity of a song.


The Rembrandts: I vomit a little bit every time I hear that Friends song.

Good Charolette: I think this is self explanitory.

Creed/Nickelback/Puddle of Mud/Three Doors Down/ Stained/ Hoobastank/ Fuel/ Godsmack/etc.: Is there any difference between them?

Kenny G: He should have been a Blow Job


I believe... The White Stripes are the worst band in the WORLD! They are so bad, and theres only two of em, exciting!


Green Day-every song sounds the same; generic punk rock attempting to be "political" is sad. everyone claims the guitarist is a "closet shredder". i doubt it. if he knew how to solo he'd play a real solo.

Blink 182, Sum 41, Fall out boy, any other punk band-just mediocre versions of Green Day
Korn, Limp Bizcit,linkin park-fake emotion, empty lyrics, i credit these bands for destroying grunge and opening the door for all the other crappy bands on the radio today.

i totally agree with staind, their music is so boring it's sad. system of a down suck too, lyrically and musically.
my chemical romance-i'm not whoa-kay after hearing their music and i'm pretty sure my chemical romance might very well be whoa-gay.

modern country-since when did country become happy party music? it's supposed to be about trains, momma, drinking down your pain, prison, so basically any Johnny Cash song.


Creed/Nickelback/Puddle of Mud/Three Doors Down/ Stained/ Hoobastank/ Fuel/ Godsmack/etc.: Is there any difference between them?

Yes, i would say big difference.


Yeah, you guys have listed some pretty horrible bands, but you gotta agree that among the WORST are the following:
New Kids on the Block
Bel Biv Devo (sp?)
New Edition
Color Me Bad
Back Street Boys
In Synch