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Most Gear You've Ever Run


Question: what is the highest amount of gear you've ever run at any given time?

Name the amounts and compounds.

How did you feel?


gram of test and 600mg deca, with 30mg of dbol here and there. i felt bloated and strong.


1 gram Sustanon, 600mg Deca. No AI, no PCT. (14 years ago...What's an AI?)


250mg Test/wk
1000mg EQ/wk
300mg Deca/wk
30mg Epistane ED

Felt big but bloated. Have felt better on less gear.


16 weeks

1000mg of Test E
1000mg of Tren E
300mg of Eq
Dbol Daily for 4 weeks 75mg

Felt like death from bloat, night sweats and not sleeping


16 weeks

1000mg of Test E
1000mg of Tren E
300mg of Eq
Dbol Daily for 4 weeks 75mg

Felt like death from bloat, night sweats and not sleeping


not enough to raise my blood pressure


Come on guys, I was hoping to hear someone come out of the woodwork and tell us about the time they ran Bostin Lloyd levels of gear.


Ok what ever not really proud but this last meet I ran the most I have ever ran but was only for 5 weeks so didn't really feel it was on same level. I suffered a hamstring tear so instead of taking a few weeks off I just upped my gear dramatically.

Test 1500
Tren E 750
Eq from 500-1000mg
Anavar 100mg Daily
Dbol 50mg Daily
Winni 50mg daily
Tren Ace 100mg daily.

I felt like dog shit but was able to continue training and hit a big PRs in each lift added almost 100pounds total even after the ham tear and ripping my shoulder out of socket on meet day. Had it not been for that 130-15lbs would have been put in my total in 3 months.


Not even close to Boston Loyd levels but the heaviest I have ever went and will never go that high again. Was nit worth the 5 weeks of nose bleeds, no sleep, wanting to fight every thing moved. Def sticking with my 2g of gear percycle that's more than enough






There has to be some sort of body high accompanied with all this gear lol. Did you get any bloodwork?


Yeah Estro was through the roof hit high 80s, LDL 7, HDL 210, BP was 100/70, heart beat stayed about 80, progesterone was high but nothing to worry about, liver enzymes were high obviously this was end of week 3. About all I remember. As for a high I don't know. I felt stupid strong, insanely aggressive, could fuck for days. But, the other sides did not make this enjoyable at all.

Note was on natural BP and pharmaceutical BP meds and was off mu lipitor as it is pretty toxic to the liver I didn't wanna tax it any more than I already would be.


those lipids are fantastic! lol


yeah no joke between that much Tren, Anavar, and Winni my cholesterol was fucking shot. After after 3 weeks it all bounced back to much better numbers.


Out of curiosity what's the longest anyone has run tren for? I have herd some people say the longer they are on the sides keep getting more and more


the reverse has been true for me. generally don't even get night sweats anymore.

been on for the better part of a year, just took it out a couple weeks ago actually.


Longest I have ran it at a decent high dose is 16 weeks long. Am with walk way on this. The longer I am on the less sides. Usually go away almost completely after 2 months and gone by 3.


i have only got the night sweats 1 time with tren, woke up with a little sweat on my shoulders, blood pressure is good, hematocrit is staying in range too, kind of weird but hey i'll take it.


Do you guys generally use long esters or dosnt matter?