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Most Efficient Route

What do you guys think is ideally, the best way to learn MMA? Do you think it’s better to focus on one disicpline for a period of time, and branch out and expand your game? Start from scratch and join a pure MMA gym? Train seperate arts together, and work on meshing them together?

MMA gyms have the advantage of getting you acquainted with everything, but you never get the chance to master a specific skillset. Training an indivual art can give you an edge, but you’ll be weak elsewhere.

I’m just curious to hear your guys’ thoughts on this.

EDIT: I’m not really asking for advice, I already train. this thread is more about training/skill acquisition theory than anything else.

  1. Get in decent shape before even trying
  2. Join an MMA school, attend grappling classes full time
  3. After getting basic ground game understood, introduce some striking

My reasoning is that doing both grappling and striking right away is too much to learn at once, but after awhile it kinda becomes instinct on the ground and then striking can be implemented more easily

Find a good school where you can train BJJ, Boxing and MT separately and also have one class a week where you combine it. That would be the ideal.

[quote]Cockney Blue wrote:
Find a good school where you can train BJJ, Boxing and MT separately and also have one class a week where you combine it. That would be the ideal.[/quote]

That is what I was thinking would be the best idea, you have the advantage of getting detailed instructions/training in each art, yet you’re still able to combine and transition between skills.

Most good MMA gyms do it that way. Separate focused classes and then some combined classes generally for their fight teams.

if you start as a complete newbie i would recommend to start with mma and only mma. It makes no sense to learn 3 different fight stances at the same time(Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA). that would be a complete overkill and you would learn slower than somebody who just concentrates on one thing.

And cut out weight training and cardio in the beginning. Just go to mma 4 - 6 times a week and train at high intensity. listen to your body ! if you can take more add in light cardio, next add in a sprinting or plyometric session. next add in one day of lifting heavy. With lifting heavy you have to be carefull that can affect the next trainin sessions if you are really fatigued… and sport specific training ALWAYS comes first! even if you are a complete beginner start with the sport first. your body will adapt to the demands of the sport.

Specialisation training becomes usefull when you reached a level where your body wont evolve by doing the sport itself!

If you start with a complete new sport it is useless to start with a lot of specific training. Learn the BASICS first!!!

And if you have some experience then it is clear - WORK ON YOUR WEAKNESSES

If you are in a gym where your classes are separatet(one day boxing next muay thai and so on) then take 2 sports like MMA + Muay thai or MMA+ Boxing or MMA + Ground fighting.

Starting with a complex training plan with 3 or 4 different styles and weight training and cardio and plyos is one of the worst and most common beginner mistakes! I made the mistakes myself, believe me. At the beginning you are no world champion, you are just a newbie.

I bet any experienced martial arts trainer will tell you the same.