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Most Effective Waterbury Programs?


What, in your experience, was the most effective Waterbury program that you've done?

How much mass did you gain and where did you gain it?

I just started weight lifting seriously about 7 months ago. I did one of Mike Mejia's full-body programs for 6 months and then did Waterbury's Quattro Dynamo this past month. I've gained 20 lbs of muscle (up to 185) and a lot of strength in that time! I've gotten a lot of comments from friends, family, and, of course, from some fine-lookin' women.

I want to keep bulking this summer before I go back to college in September. I was originally thinking of doing Waterbury's latest high frequency program (New Frontiers) as the fastest way to achieve hypertrophy before classes start up again. Now, however, I'm thinking that perhaps I may be rushing into this program and, without a long background in training, I may not see the kind of results I expect to see. (Is this true?)

I want to find (unless advised by members of this board that doing New Frontiers is a better idea) two good month-long Waterbury programs to complete during the summer. (I would then do New Frontiers in the Fall, once I return to my gym-equipped college.)

Advise me, please! Should I go straight into New Frontiers now or do two other Waterbury programs first? If the latter, which two programs would be best?

Any thoughts would be great.

Thanks, gents.




I would start with ABBH I and then move on to ABBH II. Those are two excellent ways to get started. I have done both of them, had great results. I have also done SOB (not too crazy about that one, made good gains but hated the high repetition days). I also have done Waterbury Method and absolutely loved it. All of his programs are awesome, but take it slow and start as I suggested.


Thanks for the response, bro.

I'm not really "getting started," however, so I don't know if ABBH 1 and 2 are right for me. I've been doing full body pre-made programs for 6-7 months now and have gained a lot of muscle mass and strength.

I also imagine that Chad's later programs (Waterbury method, etc) are slightly more "enlightened." As in, he knows more so his programs are better. So, I am wondering about trying 2 of those. Not really sure which ones, though, because there are many.

What do you think?



ABBH I and ABBH II are definitely not just for starters - for anyone, advanced alike. Go with those.



THE Waterbury METHOD

The best program ever.
Best size and strength gains.

I got gains mostly on my shoulders, chest size and legs.


SFM - 5lb mass increase and huge increase in strength.

ABBH1 - another 5lb mass increase (in the first three weeks), and steady progress in strength gains.


lift fast get big and SFM were fun


Damn. A lot of good advice.

I will do all of them eventually, I think, but I'm still leaning towards doing one of his more current programs.

What do you guys think about The Waterbury Method for the first month and then The Art of Waterbury for the second month? I was going to add some Booster Shots on for my arms, as well.

Thanks all.


Very good advice. I want to start one of Waterbury's programs after I finish my Body For Life challenge. The BFL program is what got me started, but I want to still only lift 3 days a week. This is because of time constraints. I was considering TBT or The Waterbury Method, which one will be better to follow up after my Body for Life challenge? I am looking at the TBT program because the time frame fits the best, but any other suggestions will be considered and looked at.

Semper Fi, Brent


I havn't followed any of his programs other than basing my workout on his maximal strength section in his Set/Rep Bible, but man has it improved my strength a lot!

I truly appreciate Waterbury's and other's work for this site.


Ive done the new frontier program for 8 weeks. An amazing program, i put on .5 to 3/4 in on both my arms, and i kept getting stronger, it was crazy, but an amazing program. i burned out after 6 weeks, and was just to tired, but im getting my energy back and want to try again.

i started at about 215 and shot up to about 235, and now im must doin cardio and tightening it up to 225. My recommendations for this program is really hit the post workout nutrition. with in 2 hrs of my workout, i polished of 200g of carbs plus 180 grams of protein int he form of isolate, i was sick for a while after my workouts, but all those nutrients really paid off. if you can handle it, really get in all the postworkout nutrition u can in the easily digestible form


Interesting post, man. Listen - looking at my background (it's in the first post), do you think I should go straight into "New Frontiers" or do some of Waterbury's other programs first?

I want to get some good results before college but I also want to set myself up for the future by following the right progression of programs. Your thoughts?


Even tho I substitute some things out of this workout the Waterbury Method kicks my ass.. I'm 5 weeks into it and man I'm telling you it is brutal but fucking awesome..


What kind of results are you seeing? How long have you been working out? and what program are you going to do after this?

I was thinking of doing the Waterbury Method and then The Art of Waterbury. What do you think?


has Waterbury ever posted pics of himself or posted his strength feats ?

just curious if he's a jacked up dude.


personally, if you are already into full body, I would try

Waterbury Method
Art of Waterbury

followed with:
New Frontier OR ...
his High Frequency Training Guide

If you want a good Mass/Strength Combo, I would reccommend CW's:
Single's Club
Primed for Muscle


BB Next Frontier.