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Most Effective Supplements

What are everyone’s most effective supplements while dieting, maintaining, and bulking?


I don’t do much bulking; I’ve been in fat-loss mode for a long time (I was in bad shape when I started, at 36%. Now I’m at 14%). My best supps have been: MD6 (I’ve stocked up!), Glutamine, flax oil.

Best “supplements”:

  1. Clean drinking water and plenty of it.

  2. Quality protein, like a good steak.

  3. Quality carbs, like apples and bananas.

Everything else is an order of magnitude less
important in my book…that includes all the
items I have designed and get money from sales

Without clean water, good protein and carbs
(and fats) you’re not going to see good gains
no matter how much Androsol/Nandrosol/Finasol
you use.


What brock said, which would include (for me) MRPs, but also (in my own order of importance): Vitamin C, Fish Oil, creatine, BCAA’s, glutamine, then whatever else. Maybe some extre Zinc and Magnesium, just started them so I’m not sure of the results yet.

I agree with all of those, but my point was if I had to choose one Biotest supplement which is most effective. I’ve used Androsol, Tribex-500, Grow, ZMA, and MD6; only Androsol and MD6 showed me something. I am looking for that edge without going back to gear. I want to hear from everyone, what Biotest supplement has taken you to the next level, proof it - quantify it.

Androsol for gains. MD6 and Methoxy-7 for fat loss (at the same time ). Not sure how you want me to prove it.

Hello Akicita, I’m starting a diet and my bodyfat is pretty close to where yours was when you began. Congrats on your weight loss. That is a phenomenal achievement. I’ sure you’re a new person! Do you have any tips for me that might help?
Also, what are your stats like height, weight, age, gender?

Taking in the proper amount of calories and Macronutrients(pro, carbs, fats, water) is the most important thing in an effective bodybuilding diet no matter what else your taking. With that said I like MRP’s, Branched chain Amino Acids(especially when dieting),and vitamins and minerals. I use all of these no matter what phase of training I am in.Occasionally, I will use Essential Fatty Acids (Udo’s Choice).

Trick Nick,
Androsol took me to “the next level” when bulking without the need to worry about using gear. It’s also proven to be the best supplement I’ve found for maintenance by using a low 14 sprays/day dose for several weeks. MD6 is the most effective Biotest supplement I’ve ever used. Obviously it’s suited for dieting, but I used the stuff with great success while bulking too by taking it just once a day before a workout. Grow! is the Biotest supplement I use most often, but it’s just food so I can’t say it’ll take you to the next level. Like someone said below, how do you want us to prove any of this?

Any supplement with the word “Fuel” after it.

I am currently using six tabs / day of MD6 and 3000 mg’s of Yohimbie. I am wired like Times Square, but it is working

Brock, when you say clean water, do you meat bottled or at least filtered water?