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Most effective shoulder press?

Does anyone know which shoulder movement is most effective at hitting all 3 parts of the shoulder? I was thinking the Arnold press…any thoughts?

Clean and press, or at least, standing press (in front). HEAVY weight, low reps.


well no exercise will work all three heads at once but the exercise that will add the most MASS to the delts is deadlifts. they pack more mass on the BODY than ANY exercise. peace

Since rediscovering deads and getting into side presses, my shoulders have grown a lot. That is not scientific proof but if you wanna grow, try deads, side presses and try a few handstand pushups. Rear delts get enough with chins rows and power cleans for me.

My personal routine is seated DB overhead
press, not leaning against the seatback
but sitting straight until unable to do
any more reps, and then leaning against
the seatback to get 2 or 3 more; followed
by Med-X lateral raise (same principle
as DB lateral raise but I think it works
better); followed by Hammer Strength
rear delt row. The rear delts also get
hit very hard on rowing exercises for
the back, which I do on the same day.

I agree with Greg that if you want the
best results, the question really should
not be what one exercise hits all three
the best. It’s best to use a combination
of exercises for the shoulders.

By the way, the front delts would probably
be hit more in the DB overhead presses
if I used the seatback the entire time.
I choose not to because I think it’s a more
functional exercise, and works the stabilizers
better, if I don’t.

There’s also certainly something to be said
for DB incline raises, but as it happens they’re not in my current program and usually
aren’t – being something of a “foo-foo”
exercise using lighter weights, I usually
wind up dropping it in favor of heavier movements
but nonetheless it can be effective.

Hang clean and press, wide grip 3-5 rep range, all three heads get hit.

I did heavy standing military and seated db presses, upright rows, and all sorts of laterals for months with some good results. Then one day I was in a new gym and tried the Hammer Strength shoulder press. Did one set both arms pressing and a second set alternating each arm. About 20 seconds later my shoulders pumped to the point of extreme pain and I couldn’t lift my arms. It felt like someone was standing on me. I know most folks don’t go for machines but that one kills me and I use it whenever I’m at a gym that has one. Big time fav exercise.

I found that the seated dumbell power clean hits my upper body hard. You can see it performed in the westside videos.
You can use lighter to heavier weights. I do about 30 lbs for 15 reps to about 40 for 8-10. Just explode the weights up as if you were cleaning the dumbells. I end up with the dbells in an extenally rotated positon. They thickenend up my upper back, rear delts sid, and front. If you do the motion slowly without weights trying to feel some tension, you’'ll see what I mean.