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Most Effective One-Off Biotest Supp?


I am from the UK, and so Biotest supplements are very expensive over here. However, am in america for a couple of days in a few weeks, and was going to take home a couple of Biotest supplements. So what do you guys think are the Biotest supplements that are firstly way better than other competing brands supplements, and secondly are going to make a difference if used for just one bottle/tub.

for instance, buying Metabolic Drive and using just one tub would not make a huge difference to my physique, whereas one tub of Anaconda might. What do you guys think? Maybe Surge Workout Fuel and Alpha-GPC?


Probably none. I would just save my coin if I were you. Nothing Biotest makes will cause a huge difference with one bottle. No supplement will do that. Just stick to locally produced staple supplements.


I'd vote for Surge Workout Fuel and Alpha-GPC, but like the previous poster stated no one bottle of any supplement is likely going to make a huge difference, much like no single workout is going to make a huge difference.

I use a lot of Biotest supps and think they are top notch, but you have to have realistic expectations.


I would take the Rhodiola rosea. I started with one cap a day and could tell a difference in a few days.


what was the difference?


Agreed. Only, I'd say buy the Biotest version of whatever you use, maybe a protein powder, Surge Recovery or Flameout. The reason I mention this is you can likely buy it cheaper in the US than you could local procuct in the UK (from what I've heard of supplement prices in the UK).


Oh boy... I love Biotest supplements. I use them exclusively. But none of them will make a big difference if you use just one bottle.
C'mon! A proper supplementation protocol is like an intelligent diet or a good workout schedule. All these thing work in the log run. One single chest workout won't make your chest muscles significantly bigger. One day of clean eating won't make your love handles disappear, one bottle of Surge or whatever supplement won't make you look like superman. It just does not make sense to take home one or two bottles of Surge or Metabolic Drive.

IF you want to try some Biotest supps, I would buy those, that can be used on specific occasions, for specific needs, and do not have to be taken every day over weeks and month to manifest their superiority over peer group supps. Like Z-12, IF you have sleeping problems from time to time, Spike, IF you need an occasional boost in energy or even Rhodiola Rosea for the sake of just trying it or IF you feel burnt out, e.g.


Or, if going to USA often, take home supplements that would be taken in customs. (like Alpha Male etc.)

You can easily stack up on a few bottles of spike, Alpha Male, Alpha-GPC etc. and bring it in your suit-case.

I do it myself occasionally to save some bucks (in EU we end up paying more for freight than for the actual goods)- and take it through customs.

If nothing else then just to try it out, and see if you like it, and eventually keep buying.


Since you're traveling, you might take a couple bottles of HOT-ROX Extreme with you. Doesn't take much space in your luggage, and it packs a whallop....then again you never told us what your fitness goals are beyond "making a huge difference to my physique". No supplement will do that.


B rock, I started taking it last winter when I was feeling run down and 'blue'. For me, I've struggled with the winter blues for a long time. The first day, I had a kind of dry mouth, so I drank more water and by the third day I was feeling less emotional and 'on'. Increased the dose by one cap every few days til I was taking 3 a day. It's not a buzz like I imagine Spike would be or that Hot-Rox is, but a feeling of wellness.


seconding HOT-ROX Extreme for a one-off if you are cutting and have everything else in order diet and exercise-wise.


Thanks for the help. I know no one bottle of supplement is going to make a huge difference to my physique, so I probably should have asked which supplement might I notice any improvement at all from just one bottle. I may try a couple of the ones suggested, but dont worry, am under no illusions that one bottle will make a big difference overall.


I had a co-worker with this problem and Metabolic Drive Complete seemed to make a big difference in allowing him to get in more calories and finally gain some weight.

It's a quality formula, unlike most weight gain and carb products.