Most Effective No BS Forearm Training?

Hey, i see all this fancy shit and it goes against logic. What is the no bullshit way of improving arm size.

im 19, 147lbs and pretty new to lifting. (5’8)’
i fucked around for 7 months so far, but only my last two months have been knowledgeable and with optimal gains.

I havent done forearm work, and feel like a pussy with these 11 inch forearms (12 flexed fully, cheating imo)

My ideas are 1 hand hangs (more than my deadlift per hand.) for as long as i can, i do multiple sets of that.

And maybe behind the back wrist curls? it seems like a good way to not injure your wrists, the only issue is the range of motion feels strange.

Any other ideas? or is it basically all curls?

Towel pull ups / hangs. Throw a couple of towels over the bar and to pull ups / hangs.

Rope climbs.

Rock climbing. Try a local rock climbing gym.

Any of these work great…

For me personally simplest /most bang for buck is hammer curls with fat gripz.

Saying all that, at your stage I would just make sure you focus on progression and training hard and heavy on back day with primary moves like dumbell rows for 5x5. This will build overall upper body size as well as a base of arm mass

Mechanics apprentice


hammer curls and reverse curls. I like cables for reverse curls

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Or roofing labourer! Cutting a 10 meter piece of galvanised iron with tin snips will give you massive forearm burn and pump. My old boss had the most humongous forearms and hands I’ve ever seen… Twas hilarious cos he wasn’t a big bloke and his upper arms where terrible lacking :joy:


Beer/ soda delivery person. Load a two dolly up with a few hundred pounds, many times a day, and push it, uphill, downhill, around then corners, jump over curbs, and finally up stairs. That’ll do it :wink:

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Pull-ups and heavy BB rows


I like farmers walk for forearms and traps IMO

As my dad would say: I’m only joking… unless you take me seriously

Dave Tate takes me seriously: Amazing Forearm Jack Program - Elite FTS | EliteFTS


good ideas, i didn’t think of that. Ill give those a try for a month or two and see how my strength increases.

I wish I could do those. maybe if I can find some dumb bells for cheap I can incorporate them. Maybe i can do some variation by pinching plates and walking. not the same thing but if its tough it might work

Thank you for this. Best thing I’ve read today

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Yeah it’s a classic.

Although it does kinda of make me want to just buy some screws and a stack of 2x4’s and just start hand cranking those things in for several months

Kinda wanna put a big Mac in a blender…

Don’t forget the wrist roller. Wrist/forearm and grip muscles, all in one exercise.

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There is a difference between working on your grip strength and actually trying to make your forearms larger. No question there is overlap but still there is a difference. Since you mentioned that you are unhappy with your “11 inch forearms” I will assume you want more size.

If you want to make your forearms larger stick to writs curls, both front and reverse. I like holding dumbbells over a bench first with palms up and then I repeat with palms down. I work a higher rep sequence as the forearm have smaller muscles and they are slow twitch. I feel more of an isolation than when I perform barbell wrist curls. One more exercise I recommend for larger forearms is reverse curls with a straight bar. Again, work higher reps and plenty of sets.

Good Luck Kubensis!


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Those guys are dopin.

That is just begging for rhabdomyolisisol if you’re natty.

Hammer curls

All the major compound movements with an active upper body component. I don’t do the olympic lifts like the clean and snatch for example but those may help too.

and pour it on some chicken nuggets