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Most effective mass-building program

I’m going to start a mass-building phase and am looking for something a little different, so I turn to you guys. What’s been the most effective mass-building program you’ve ever undertaken?

When it comes to mass building diet is probably the most important thing. Unfortunately it seems that for maximum mass you have to get a little fat in the process. I haven’t fully checked out John Berardi’s Massive Eating – does this claim to eliminate the fat problem while still maximizing mass? If so, what are people’s experiences with it? How much fat and how much muscle did you pick up?

Dorian Yates warrior low volume workout.

a modified german volume training split.
day1: squats, incline bench
day2: bent over (30 degree, meaning not very bent over) rows, behind neck press
day3: off
day4: deadlift and various low volume work for rotator cuff, abs, calves, etc.

Nothin else puts more mass on your ass than a breathing 20 reps squat routine.

For me, Nandro…eat a LOT and GVT. The original not GVT 2000. It is boring as hell…but I grew like a weed from it!!