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Most Effective Fat Loss Routine


Someone puts a gun to your head and says pick the one fat loss routine you believe is the single most effective routine - - what is it? Meltdown, EDT, etc.? I know there is no perfect routine, and everything works, but nothing works forever. If you had to pick one single fat loss program for the next 8-12 weeks to cut fat, what would it be? Thanks for any and all responses.


Renegade Training.


Do you work in pensions?



Where can I find the articles for Renegade training?


Yes. I am an attorney who specializes in employee benefits, e.g. pensions, executive compensation, stock options, etc. I know using that name is a bit lame; but, I never have trouble getting it so I can use it consistently everywhere over the net. Also, always good to let people know what you do when you are in the service industry.


Nate Dog -- Are you referring to the "Fat to Fire" program?


Fat to Fire 1 & 2 are good programs for those new to Renegade Training. But they are only a "sample" of a total program. The whole program is even more brutal than what you see in those articles.

I have done several of them in the past, and I'm currently doing one again. But if you follow Fat to Fire 1 or 2, you will get a good taste of Renegade Training and what it can do if you follow it correctly.

I had posted photos of my "before" and "after" while utilizing a Renegade program in the Photo Forum a while back. I went from about 15-16% bodyfat to about 6% and was shredded all over. I also had more energy, endurance and overall conditioning than anything I've ever done.

It's brutal. But it works.


Woah they are! freakin' weirdo. :wink:


Right now I'm doing Waterbury's Summer Project and loving it! It's more challenging than it looks, and the variety in each workout and phase makes it fun.


Not anymore! I took them out two years ago. These pics were from 2003 after five months on a Renegade Training program.

I have tats now. :wink:


Haha-that's good, put's you up a notch in my book. :wink: