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Most Effective Endurance Supps


I'm an older athlete who's a fairly high ranked tennis player. When tour. matches go 3 sets, I'm somewhat gassed. I take beta-alanine, citrulline and CoQ10 about an hr prior; is there anything else I could stack to be more effective? Also intrigued about neuro help. Realize that's another thread but thinking that a tyrosine type of supp might help as well. Thx.


caffeine (200mg) i take it before cardio


1,3 D i believe is meant for muscular strength but it seems to improve my endurance a lot... tennis is short burst after short burst any way, right?

it may help but if you're playing competitively, it could be banned - idk guessing really


If you want endurance and neuro help, consider choline supplementation.

It is definitely a great neurological aid, and I have seen one study where it seemed to increase endurance performance (no clue how). It was only one study though, but choline is cheap as hell and healthy to boot.

I have heard many anecdotes of hand-eye coordination increasing drastically with choline supplementation as well, so it may very well be worth it for tennis.


THX guys, very much. Choline&caffeine-good. I assume that's Jack 3D. I'll try; heard it was very helpful but yes, the geranium stem is likely really a 'club drug' in Australia. Anyway maybe thats bunk..but THX for the help!


Caffeine? Choline? C'mon guys!

EPO and blood doping are, like, the AAS of endurance sports!

In all seriousness, what does your peri-match nutrition look like? Are you able to ingest sugary substances without stomach irritation? Although I never used these myself when I was distance running, there are various Guus that marathoners will use for the races.

Here's one thing worth mentioning though: Guus tend to be used by slower marathoners. Don't know whether that's just one of those correlations like "bros" doing curls in the squat rack, but fast runners tend to only do something like drink a cup of coffee beforehand. So, I would first look at your overall conditioning profile and see whether you can improve that. If not, then look into the Guus or some such substance.


3 Comm - true! Like the weights and Protein; sure protein is important but the stimulus is the most critical factor. I think more interval aerobics for me...


He's a tennis player, not an endurance marathoner...


Right, but his problem is the same that a marathoner has. The body has about 2k calories or so of glycogen available for use--when it runs out of that, then it "hits the wall" (as the term is in marathoning--this typically happens to untrained people at the 20 mile mark or so--trained people who hit it usually started out too fast and "blow up"). It usually happens at different points for different people depending on how efficiently their bodies utilize their glycogen stores and, sometimes, if their bodies have increased their glycogen stores or utilize fat stores for energy. Once they hit the wall, things get ugly.

Depending on how intensely this guy is playing and how long his matches are taking, he could be running his glycogen stores lower than needed for his body to feel itself to be capable of exerting maximum effort. That's why I recommended the energy gel while in the meantime he might try to improve his conditioning.

People tend to think of marathon-type endurance athletes like they're either aliens or like they're doing something equivalent to light jogging for 26 miles. To run a reasonably respectable one, you're running at sub-7 minutes per mile the whole time. That takes muscle glycogen.


FINiBARs are awesome for energy over 1 hr. Also ive used ashwaghanda successfully to boost endurance
But I think you're mostly talking conditioning. Timed 400 meters are awesome for endurance. When I wrestled those seemed to work best for me. I used to do 4 - 6 all under a minute


that is seriously impressive


If I might ask, what kind of rest periods between?


Thanks. The point of my post wasn't to try and impress anyone with my times, rather it was that timed 400s are an excellent way to improve endurance. I aimed for 9 minute rest periods, plus 60 seconds equaled 10 minutes. I just left the stop watch ticking away the whole time. I usually took just over an hour for the whole workout, maybe plus 10 minutes for stretching.


this is what I was thinking too. Maybe the OP just needs to get in better cardiovascular shape and not worry about a supp???




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