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Most Effective Cutting Regime?

I’m curious as to the best plan out there to quickly and safely shed fat.

I follow good dietary rules year-round, pay my dues and just want to cut up a bit, as quick as possible. I want to structure 8-10 weeks that’ll get me from the mid-teens (approx) to 8% or less. I might mention that i used to be chubby when i was younger, if that changes anything.

Right now i’m thinking about doing Berardi’s Get Shredded diet, combined with Staley’s EDT for fat loss. Any better ideas? What would be a good program to cycle onto after that EDT one, about 6 weeks into the thing?

EDT is great, especially when you do it Tabata style.

I don’t know anything about EDT, but I got very lean last year running The Waterbury Summer Project last year.


Despite myself I keep coming back to meltdown training: painful but effective.

Thanks to you three. Three differing suggestions though, does anyone else have an opinion?

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It’s going to be your diet that makes or breaks you cutting bodyfat. Training can help to a degree but make it easy on yourself if you plan to go very low carb and low calories. Meltdown training or similar programs will bury you on a diet like that.

Get Shredded Diet plus Meltdown.

Healthiest cutting combo on T-Nation.

the Velocity Diet, but there’s not an ice cube’s chance in hell that you’ll last longer than a month on it. Not to say that you’re weak-willed, but when you read the article for it you’ll understand.



barbell complexes with a low carb diet + thermogenics