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Most Difficult 5/3/1 Challenge


Question for those of you who have tried many of the published challenges: which one was the most difficult for you?


Boring But Strong Challenge…last cycle is brutal


Only challenge I’ve ever done was the Prowler Challenge in the Beyond Book. Lifting was more about maintaining, but the conditioning workouts were brutal!


The boring but big 13-week challenge was rough:

Week 1&2 - 5/3/1 sets, 5x10 @50%
Week 3&4 - 5/3/1 sets, 5x10 @60%
Week 5&6 - 5/3/1 sets, 5x10 @70%
Week 7 - unload
Week 8&9 - 5/3/1 sets, 5x5 @80%
Week 10&11 - 5/3/1 sets, 5x3 @90%
Week 12&13 - 5/3/1 sets, 5x1 @TM

I remember the DOMs every other week from bumping the weight up was almost debilitating, but I got crazy strong and had a great powerlifting meet at the end of the cycle (week 13 I actually skipped as a form of unloading/peaking me for the meet that saturday).

In general, anything on the conditioning end kills me (sets of 10 are cardio in my book, ha), but it depends on if you want do something hard just for hard’s sake or a specific training effect.