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Most Creative Suicide!!


jumping off a building and in mid jump shooting your self in the head, thats my idea anyways.


Hey man...I hope that you are just being strange. Suicide isn't something to really be taken lightly or joked about. If you are going through a rough time or something just know that there are always people you can talk to...shoot me a pm if you want to talk about anything.


Hiring a hit man to kill me!

That way I wouldn't have to do it and I wouldn't know when it's coming.


That could be quite messy...

Not really suicide, but ever heard of the Darwin Awards for the funniest/dumbest death? This one guy had a fight with his wife and bought a six pack, went to sit on some power lines. Got drunk, and needed to take a leak. Being a lazy male, he took one off the power lines and got shocked to death.

He was found by the cops with his bits hanging out.


By the way, this may be the dumbest thread topic ever.

Well . . . at least since earlier this week when that guy wanted to know how not to shit himself doing goodmornings.


Is their a point to this thread? Suicide is not some joke. Not only is it devestating to the people left behind but the people that do it have to be pretty upset emotionally.

Suicide has claimed 2 lives close to me, it is not something to joke about IMHO.

You can say I dont have a sense of humour or this is the internet or blah blah blah but some things should always be off limits regardless of the venue.


I usually lurk, but can't ignore this.

I've been struggling with chronic depression for 10 yrs, though my condition improved about a year ago. If you're posting this because you're suicidal, I certainly understand.

All I can say is, do whatever you need to survive. Whatever it takes to keep yourself alive & alleviate this pain, do it (so long as it's not self-abusive). Try to find solutions. There usually are.

Talk to a friend if you can. I'm certainly open to any pm's if you wish.


how to kill yourself like a man:


Tell him you will send him a check after he completes the task.


I always like the though of jumping out of an airliner at 30,000 + feet with no chute. I remember watching people jumping from the WTC on 9/11 and it was beyond comprehension what could possibly be going through their minds as the ground got closer and closer. I don't understand why this topic is so taboo. Everybody at one time or another thinks about death and a cool way to die. It's a fact of life that some people will never be happy.


Consider it done!

Zap, there was no "Funniest/Wittiest" category in the "T-Nations Best" thread, but you'd have my vote for sure!
Zap Fucking Branigan.
(I feel kind of gay now.)



Maddox says it best.


WHOA! That's a good one, would have never thought of it. Creative, and, quite sick too! Lol!!!


I think the proper category would be "Biggest Wiseass".


Overdose on Viagra so my heart explodes when I cum...


I read this too fast and thought it said "Most Creatine Suicide". I was like, WTF is this crap?



This is a terrible thread full of triggers for people who have real problems


Last Sunday my boss shot himself in the head in our office basement.

This is very tough to deal with and am still dealing....probably for months.... Whoever jokes on stuff like this is no good in my book.


Great post and I feel for you!


Isnt there a web site for this already?

Darwin Awards

Google it. Really disturbing if thats your fix.