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Most Cost Effective Method Moving Forward?

Saw my endocronologist. He ordered tests of:

Luteinizing Hormone (LH)
Sex Hormone-binding Globulin
Follicle-stimulating Hormone (FSH)

My insurance does not cover most of these, and the cost of these tests can certainly add up. Also, I contacted LowTNation. I was wondering if anyone had experience with this company? They said they charge $99 for initial testing, which includes these:



Lipid Panel

LH and FSH

Free and Total Testosterone




Vit D



Tsh, T4 free, T3 free, Reverse T3

These are not all that my endocronologist ordered, and some extras. LowTNation also said testosterone treatment after the tests would be $300 per month. I’m not sure what the cost of treatment would be if I do it through my endocronologist, but I do know that my insurance will not cover any of it.

What is my most cost effective route as far as getting the necessary testing done, and for doing TRT from there? Also, does anyone have knowledge or experience dealing with LowTNation?

Thank you

I’m assuming since you’re on this forum you are experiencing symptoms of low T. I’m curious why he didn’t order tests for total T, free T, estrogen and thyroids

That was my mistake. I copied and pasted the lab orders and missed the “testosterone test.” That was one that was ordered. A previous test a month ago, my testosterone was tested as well, but he is having it tested again.

300 a month is a lot. My TRT costs me 126/mo now 4 years later. It was a bit more my first years because I wanted a lot more blood tests including my thyroid tested to get my protocol tuned in sooner.

Mine is $125 a month, and that includes the follow-up office visits and labs.

How much was out of pocket costs for original lab work done?

$254 lab
$131 office visit

I use lowtnation. They are totally worth it and they work with any protocol. They listen and will allow you to take a dose that you feel comfy on.

They also don’t force the ai and hcg on you. Lastly I like how they pay for the blood tests and not me. They also use a legit pharmacy and you get high quality everything…

Might be more per month but the other clinics that are cheaper do not cover your blood tests and consults. I did the math and it comes out to about the same. I hate nickel and dime business models… Fixed costs rock.

Well damn if it’s that cheap I might have to look into something else after year 1 is up. Until then I like how low t nation pays for tests and you are in direct contact with them. No scheduling appointments. Just call and talk.

So everything’s included in that 125$ a month.

Yes A few days ago guys we were post how much we paid for labs drugs and consults. So I tallied mine.
Now that my protocol is stable i get bloods every 6 months they cost 215 each. The 1 hour consult cost 90 so 2 of thoses. 129 for T cyp 10ml, 70 for HCG 12,000iu, anastrozole 1.50 each. That is it.

After the initial visit.

1st visit, consult, examination, labs, follow-up 2nd visit, which is a review of lab results - $385

Test, DHEA, labs at 6 weeks, then 3 (4.5) months later, labs and office visit, then 6 (~10 from start) months, labs and office visit - $125/month.

First year was initial labs, three follow-up labs, two follow-up office visits.

After that, labs and office visit are every 6 months.

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I think I’m in that stage lol 300+ to get EVERYTHING dialed in.

Is Testosterone and possible estrogen blocker the bare minimum only things really needed? If I go to Endo do you think he will allow me to continue Testosterone strength that Defy current has me on? I know my PCP will for sure prescribe at least 100mg/week as thats what I first starter with. Defy has me on 160mg which puts me at 887ng/do and 23.6

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So LowTNation said they would run all those tests + Cortisol, Prolactin, and Total Iron for the same initial costs ($99). Seems good for initial lab work. However, it seems like others here are paying quite less than $300 a month for treatment. I’m thinking I could get the lab work done for $99 and go through my endocronologist for the testosterone replacement. Is that what others here are doing to get their ~$125/mo testosterone treatment?

Thanks for all the feedback.

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Good luck. You do realize your going to a non specialist who probably doesn’t understand a thing about trt. He might prescribe you 100 a week and you might need 250. Stop trying to save money when what you really need is expertise year 1.

My knowledge on my endocronologist’s expertise, knowledge on LowTNation’s expertise, and what is normally cost of lab work and treatment is all limited. That is why I made this post. It’s good to hear one person had a good experience with lowtnation. I am curious on where other people are being treated, what their cost is, and their experience with it as well.

@Highpull and @hrdlvn - Who are you seeing for your treatments? What has your experience been like?

Thank you

PCP first year Defy last 4 years. I believe I posted what I pay above.
If you want to start learning about how much things cost and if you are getting ripped off by a Tmill. Look in the cost of blood work first google discountedlabs for mens health checks. Find an online servise that offer LabCorp and Quest they are the two most respected blood labs in the US. They will always list prices and no Dr script is required.

Then search for mens health and or antiaging clinics they should offer price lists for services if they don’t call them if they stall in answering ((( just hang up ))) they are ripoffs. Two I can recommend investigating are Defy and PrimeBody.

I hope you don’t live overseas because all this advice means nothing if you do.