Most Cost Effective Company/Website for TRT?

Wondering if anyone knows of a company/website for doing your own trt? Currently paying out the butt for pellets and need to switch into injections. I have searched the wed and did find some companies saying they will do your trt and labs at 200 a month. Wondering if there is a cheaper better alternative. Thank you for your help

I was with Defy Medical back in 2018 and the high end was $150 per month. I would say no to HCG and AI’s right out the gate.

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I haven’t been on hcg but a little over a month but I don’t know if I could do trt without it. In the first month my balls shrunk to marbles. Ejaculation problems followed. Aside from that it is important for me to maintain their size mentally. Noticed a big difference in how I felt shortly after using hcg. Imagine it had something to do with my nature testosterone kicking in again.

I will check this company out. Thank you

I agree. They push HCG and AIs so bad, it left me sub optimal for a year straight. Say no to AIs 100% and no to HCG until you’ve found a solid protocol on strictly testosterone. They also told me it only takes 4-6 weeks to determine if a protocol is good or not - when current evidence shows it takes 6-12 weeks. Other that than that, they’re a pretty reasonable service.

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I’m strictly on T and I’ve only had this problem the first month or two of a protocol and they go back to regular. Actually, I went from 150mg to 200mg/week of T last week and they’re still full (no change). Ejaculation is also great. I’d say just give it time. T and HCG are two different compounds/variables – very diffcult to determine what’s happening when you focus on more than one variable. Find a good T protocol and add HCG after that… preferably just when you want kids. Evidence shows if you were fertile before TRT, you’ll be fertile with HCG anyway.

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I think it depends on the doc you get… My e2 was 70+ and they still never pushed me towards an AI since I didn’t have symptoms. They did want me on HCG but didn’t give me too much of a hard time when I dropped it after feeling crappy

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Thank you I will give this a try and see from there

I can hook you up with a clinic that is $99-150 per month, and was very easy to start with

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If you want a clinic that you won’t ever have to worry about losing your prescription for any reason I can put you in touch with my doc. It’s $150/month and you get compound pharmacy grade 220mg/week (you take however much you want) all done over the phone and T, syringes, alcohol swabs etc shipped to your door. He has several professional bodybuilders as clients and is an ex bodybuilder himself.

Like was already stated, I would highly recommend not starting with HCG. You can always add it once you know how your body reacts to T only.


Does he require TRT check ups with your primary doctor. I found that unpleasant with Defy. This might be a law? Not sure?

OK thanks! I would greatly appreciate it and I will heed your advice about hcg. Thank you

Email in bio if you need my clinic

What state is the clinic based out of?


They have several locations but the one I use (while I lived in NYC and now Louisiana) is in Georgia. It’s their main clinic.

Would you tell what you are paying and whether you are using TESTOPEL or BioTE?

I just want to bring this up again since there is so much argument against pellets based on COST. Most of you anti-pellet guys post about “how expensive” pellets are.

The above post CONFIRMED what I said on a different thread about regular TRT through injections being in the range of $150 per month.

Now that I am on TWO insertions per year, I am paying $125 per month. Someone tell me how you guys can argue that pellets “cost so much” and doctors prescribe them “because they make so much profit” — when some of you are paying more for injections that I pay for pellets.

I’ve never been against pellets based on cost. I wouldn’t chose that option simply because it’s invasive and difficult (or impossible) to adjust the dose once they’re inserted.

I think TRT in whatever form you chose from clinics trends $99-200 across the board.

My provider told me I would eventually at some point be on 2 pellets a year. That would be 1600 for pellet, 200 in office visits and 200 in labs if I only go 2 in that year. I can handle that. But until that point I am looking at close to 3k and my provider didn’t like the idea of me paying 200 a month. Thats is the main reason why I am looking to do injections. That and I would imagine my levels would be consistently high doing it bi-weekly. I could be wrong on that though. Definitely don’t like the idea of being around 1500+ and dropping half that in 6 months. Atheist that was my labs from my first injection after 4 months. I need to read more on pellets to though

Hey swoops, I quoted you because you confirmed the prices of TRT treatment through injections. It was not my intention to imply that you made any statement regarding pellets — for or against.

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If pellets aren’t keeping you feeling the way you need or want, then yes, you should look into other methods of delivery. But I just noticed that you never posted any of your labs; before pellets; or after 3 months before a re-pellet.

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