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Most Complete CW Program Cycle


Here's what I have for the order of Chad Waterbury's programs so far:

Strength Focused Mesocycle
SOB Training
Hybrid Hypertrophy
Triple Total Training
Waterbury Method
Primed for Muscle
Total Body Training
Quattro Dynamo
Singles Club

I had a shorter list, then looked around and found that Chad threw some of his more recent articles in the mix, and I believe this is the order he had them in.

Has anyone tried them in the above order?

Does anyone have a more complete list, or a list that's in a different order?

Or, anyone have a cycle that you use including other strength coaches' routines?


That seems to be the order i had them, but i'm always stumped as to where new articles fit in.

It would be a big help if the big guy himself could put all of his programmes in the order he thinks is most productive, and then after each new article mention where that new article fits into the list.



To much thinking.

Just pick one and go and then do another. If you keep trying to get the perfect order the rate CW puts out awesome programs you willalways be Stumpedm and changing Schtuff round.

I dont think CW would intend that. Just give it a go. work on what you are weekest at and then pick another and go again.

Not to flame. Just trying to shed some light,


Yea, that makes sence.
That's how I ended up finding his articles anyway, plus I've been wanting to try some of CT's routines.

I'll just use the list to help a little with figguring out which one should be used for what particular goal I'm doing at the moment, and like CW suggested, I'll only go back to ABBH I for a break/rest in volume.

Thanks for the replies,