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Most Cheaty Sumo Deadlifters

Played around with pushing my DL stance out as far as it would go today and want to compare with the most cheaty sumo lifters around. Which lifters have the most cheaty sumo deadlifts around?

So far I’ve found these guys on Instagram:

This thread amuses me. I realize that sumo is allowed in powerlifting, so it is not technically cheating… But deep down, I can’t help but think, “Really? That counts?” I remember a Jujimufu video in which he and Tom measured the difference in RoM between conventional and sumo. I think Juji had an 8" difference or something ridiculous.

I also realize that some lifters use sumo due to anthropomorphic reasons. I struggle with conventional stance myself (I blame my deep hip sockets) and have recently found that a squat/hybrid stance feels very solid to me. I’ve tried sumo and it feels incredibly awkward.

I love sumo but not gonna lie it gets pretty ridiculous with the right anatomy for it. For kicks Ima do a bit of mobility work and pull plate to plate stance on a DL for maximum cheating

Good thread, although given I can’t pull 80% of my conventional max sumo, I’ve never understood how it’s considered cheating, just a different exercise.

For cheaty (but actually legal), you can’t do better than O Hubb’s 2" ROM bench!

Just looking for sumo deadlifts in this thread but fuck it check out this thicc boi.

Now back to sumo

That’s insane :laughing:

Ok, back to sumo. This is a short bloke but still, the bar must move <4"

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Meh I give him 7/10 cheating. ROM is about the radius of a standard plate. Guys bigger than him be having less ROM. Up ur search game friend

How is sumo cheating? I love this argument.

Am I right that for a deadlift to count in powerlifting, you need to stand up with your shoulders back and knees locked out - so an orangutan-built human could deadlift infinity kilos without the bar leaving the floor?

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Theoretically zero ROM is possible within the rules. Have never seen a guy get close though. Would have to be short and freak leverages like deformity level shit. Relatively long legs to stand wide as possible, god level hip mobility, long as arms/ short as torso


Holy shit that dude is built like the model of humans evolved to survive car crashes.

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In my opinion toes to plates isn’t always better.

It’s all about leverages and personal strengths.

For example: If going toes to plates in training gets you 20 extra pounds BUT it means you’re not recovered when it’s time to squat again and in fact holds your squat back is it worth it?

I don’t have the mobility to do it, or I’d try for sure lol.

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So ur sayin the sum of ones squat and deadlift stance should be equal to 1.5x college to collar length

There was a post like that on one of the Kabuki Strength IG pages where Brandon and Brady compared each other’s sumo ROM, Brandon pulling from the floor was equivalent to Brady pulling from a ridiculous deficit. Long arms and different hip structure can make a huge difference, sumo or not.

But as for short ROM being cheating or something, what about this guy’s squat?

Should be mentioned that deadlift bar and sumo is the most advantageous.

Dude I’m jealous of the people with that kind of anthropometry, although it does come with other challenges I’d imagine.

This is my ROM with toes to plates. I had to turn my feet in as I dropped the weight so I didn’t crush them. Waaaay stronger with a reasonable stance.

That’s why I always done them on the same day

I may be mistaken, but I seem to recall that Dave Tate wrote that when he was competing, his range of motion in the squat was something like 6 inches. I may not be getting the distance exactly right, but it was something astonishing. I know all this is legal, but it does sort of seem to violate the spirit of the rules. And let’s face it, we all knew right away what the OP meant by “cheaty,” regardless of the lift at issue. That said, the rules are the rules, and even if I could rewrite them to eliminate “cheatiness,” I really don’t know how I’d do it.

Yep, 6 inches:

"The reason I like the wide squat so much is efficiency. It shortens the distance the bar has to travel to reach depth.

For example, when I first showed up at Westside, the average distance the bar had to travel for me to hit depth was 16 inches. After working with Louie Simmons for so many years, it was shortened to just 6 inches.

Simply widening my stance shaved 10 full inches off my range of motion…"

Did ur squat go up a lot with the added efficiency?