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Most Carry Over for Pressing!!

so let the debate begin…so i will try to explain my point of view:
if you were to train 1 horizontal pressing movement without performing others, which one will carry over to other lifts???

so i mean if you were to only dumbbell press would it carry over more to the benchpress than vice versa???

EX-if you improve on squats you will most likley become better and leg pressing(without ever leg pressing) but if your leg press becomes better it does neccesarily mean that your squat improve…

hmm, I would say vertical pressing carried over to horizontal, rather than the other way round

I love these threads

The human body can only move in so many ways. In the end, ALL pressing movements utilize pectorals and delts and triceps. All you’re changing is percentage contribution of each. If everything gets stronger, all other lifts utilizing those muscles get stronger.

I did nothing but bench and incline bench for A YEAR and my dumb bell bench presses, overhead presses (BB and DB), push-ups, dips ALL improved.

If you need to pick one, do incline barbell press. Hits everything evenly, good jack of all trades movement. OR dumb bells, that’s Ronnie Coleman’s favorite.

If we can pick any pressing movement then I’d pick handstand push-ups (especially freestanding). But since that’s probably not realistic for most people, I’d go with standing BB press (full ROM).