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Most Brutal Music For Powerlifting


Watch this all the way and try not to have nightmares for the rest of your life... these guys are incredible musicians:

Gym music

Another good one:


More Meshuggah:


Good shit. Some favorites:


Good stuff here. Some PR-inducing hits:


Oh God. We must be soulmates.



STB I like your taste in metal. Theres a fine line between hard and cheesy and you have some picks that are in the sweet spot here.

And I mean cheesy aethetics, not content. Cannibal Corpse is admittedly the cheesiest when it comes to content lol.


haha definietely. I like Cannibal Corpse because the singer is probably the most articulate death metal singer I've ever heard and their bass player is a fucking phenom. I only like music I can't predict... and that is hard to find. I'll put up some good ones a little later.


Probably the most unpredicatable band ever... with the best guitar player ever:


Same band, better song, not heavy though:


12/Both/Cockpit of a crashing airplane




My Contribution


if you like black metal then this is one of my favorites.

and this is a band i found a few months ago. they're all about 19-20 years old and show a lot of potential. i really like them.



HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA The princess blows up at the end. That was nuts.


Can't beat a band that looks like weezer but is named after a guy who wore his own mom's skin:


The world would be a much better place if this were true:


You ever listen to country when you try to squat? Thats pretty brutal. On your squat. hahahaha



Chuck Fought pulled 900 to Hillbilly Deluxe, hahaha.