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Most Bizarre Exercise Video?


I think this one takes the cake:



poodle exercising?

pretty nuts, but there are (surprisingly) crazier videos out there


I fell for it.

Hate you =(


You bastard!


Actually I was expecting something more gay than this coming from you. =0


This is one I took myself. She's a nutter....and before you say "She's at least getting more exercise than the two people walking next to her!" then look at the belt on her treadmill and watch how slowly the LifeFitness logo goes by compared to theirs.
She'd be better off jogging then playing DDR after.


Damn, now I'm curious. What's the video about? It's not available here in the UK.


It's a weird japanese-looking video of a woman exercising with CG enhanced poodles...like an old aerobics at home show.

WAIT maybe it's the link to what i assume is a Ric Roll ( Rick Astley video) I can't watch it in my country either...but judging people's reactions...they were ric roll'd.


so none of you guys seen this before today?

damn welcome to the internet I guess.
Ive seen this years ago.

whats worse is the "dog" around 2:51 has a raging semi from being dressed up like a poodle.


You motherfucker...


am I on acid?






What sad is actually went back to checck it out