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Most beneficial result from Meltdown routine from calorie/diet perspective

Articles that with ‘lose fat & gain muscle’ at the same time tend to catch my eye, and on reading the Meltdown approach had a question that may be able to answered. The best results I’ve gained over short periods (2-3 wks)for stripping BF (from 12% to 8%)is the fat fast diet. This was achieved by slashing calories in half, taking thermogenics, dropping intensity and incorporating aeorobics for 20-30 mins. a day with heart rate round 70%.Performing the Meltdown routine on the basis of the above mentioned principles (without the aerobics) would I feel, risk muscle loss on a bigger scale, though acknowledge a comment was made that calories should be adjusted accordingly for whatever result is desired.Should therefore, a more conservative diet be applied for using the ‘Meltdown’ routine (not high fat etc.)or what ‘best’ results have any of you T-folk had with this routine by finding a diet that provides pleasing results?

Meltdown is real intense, and how anyone cold do it on fat fast is beyond me. I am certainly doing it low carb and high p+f and really please with visual results, how it all stacks up with measurements I will know in a week or so. I do the jump rope work 6x3 min rounds on rising and w/outs meltdown at lunchtime and that seems to work fine.