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Most Awesomest Thing Ever




holy shit.


Haha. This is actually addicting.


Thanks to my computer it seems that the most awesome thing is counting to 100 very, very, very slowly.

EDIT: Now it seems like the most awesome thing is the word "VS." floating on a burning street with no context.


so an hour later.....what a wicked site.





Bruce Lee certainly more awesome than the Hebrew language...

LOL @ this shit.


lol @
muscle contraction vs. disney's fantasia
tourettes syndrome vs. walking the plank
gungan (jar jar binks) vs. a pile of poop


Godzilla vs Gold Bond medicated pad
Thumb wrestling vs Terminator 2
profanity vs Blue corn meal

Sometimes you...you just dont know what to choose!!


War in Afghanistan vs Peter Frampton was my personal favorite


When does it tell you what #1 is?


Found it, can't believe the internet is #1 followed by #2 life? Really?


The internet is ranked as more awesome that physical intimacy... awesome.


I loled pretty hard at popcorn chicken vs. PETA.


The Governator is at 486th place, we gotta help him.


Lasers are #5


I keep on picking food lol


Cold war vs Robocop's exposed and vulnerable mouth.
Peanut Butter Jelly time vs. Utopian Socialism
Ozone vs. Nachos was the hardest.


Kindergarten Cop wasn't even in the top ten. What is this?


1 Internet
2 Life
3 Music
4 Oxygen
5 Lasers
6 A Nap
7 Technology
8 Lightsaber (Real)
9 Physical intimacy
10 Ninjas
11 Leonardo da Vinci
12 Lightning
13 Star Wars
14 Chocolate
15 Sunlight
16 Velociraptor
17 The Earth's Atmosphere
18 Tetris
19 Mom
20 Bruce Lee
21 Batman
22 Super Nintendo
23 Bacon
24 Puppy
25 DNA