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Most Annoying Person in the Gym Award

Before I get bombarded, let me say that I realize that there are workouts for sticking points and lockouts but this ain’t his MO. He just can’t get past the fact that he can no longer lower and press the same weight when he was in his 20s.

Ok, First… The weight belt fashion accessory. They wear them from the point they get ready in the locker room, through the “workout” and back into the locker room to shower and change.

Second… The “I’m going to tell you how to lift correctly because I know far more than anyone, even though I’m a fat glob of spit” guy.

Third… The “I want to talk to you about anything and everything during your sets, especially how God can save you” guy. If they don’t want a plate to the skull, don’t talk to me.

Fourth… The self proclaimed medical experts who, when I throw up or pass out due to a series of heavy sets, are there to tell me how bad that is for my body.

And Last but not least… The old naked fucker that lives in the shower and locker room, that I swear has never had clothes on, or left the mens locker area… EVER!!!

My pet peeve is people who want to work in when I am already using a piece of equipment at maximum efficiency.

I work out with my wife, and since she is only half of my bodyweight, this involves a lot of plate swapping. No biggie…I do all the switches, since handling 45 lb. plates is hard for somebody who weighs 90 lbs.

These transitions happen to take a fair bit of time, and the amount of “dead time” when a piece of equipment (e.g. squat rack) is not being used is probably only 15 - 30 seconds. Despite this obvious fact, people still ask to work in with me. I try to explain the situation to them politely but briefly (after all, why waste even MORE time).

Inevitable they call me a selfish asshole for refusing to share, and I can do nothing but shrug and say “Whatever.”

Geez, I just read my post and saw how angry I seem… Better back off on some of the Tribex, MyoStat:CSP3, M, and the Mag10 a little… No wonder my wife hates me…

The richey rich AAU pubes(no offense to anyone who is affiliated and not a complete nitwit) who like to hang out in the weight room since it is next to the b-ball court. While waiting there turn to get punked by some poor street kid, they “workout” chest and biceps in between 20 minute conversations with one another about their max reps.
Had to finally ask one of these twits to take his cellphone and get the heck off the bench he was LYING ON. When he pretended to not here me I dropped the O-bar a few inches from his head and he got the hint and left.
Oh thank G-Man only three more months left on our contract at this place…

I work out at a local health club. Not by choice, but because of the lack of options. I cannot walk into the gym without their “personal trainers” following me around making suggestions, corrections and trying to sell training sessions. They talk to me as if I have never worked out before and have no idea what I am doing. My other favorites in the gym are the completely overweight and out of shape men who offer advice and smell like sweaty livestock!

I got one, how about the stupid kid who was staring at me doing floor presses one day. “Yeah dude (insert some PE teacher name here) told me that I should touch my chest when doing the bench press, but i’m gonna be like you guys (referring to my training partner and I) and only come down half way. That way i’ll be able to bench a lot more.” Riiiiiiight, you go with that reasoning there buddy.

How 'bout some other kid who asked when I was doing deadlifts, “does that work your arms out or something?” Yeah that’s what it does idiot.

I am so glad I lift at home!

  1. Starers
  2. Idiot personal trainers
  3. Old naked fuckers

The one that pisses me off the most is this
old guy who take 1 hr on the bench press. And
look at himself in mirror. Also the guy that keep talking to me about he cannot gain more
muscle but yet he does cardio for 1 hr wtf. One
day I told him he never gain muscle doing so
much cardio. It worked he has not said a word
to me since.I could go on but I won"t.

heavysprout, what is AAU?

Guys in the locker room hate me. I like to wear my weight belt naked before I start working out and do jumping jacks. I like to call it “floggin’ the dog”.

  1. The assholes who can deadlift 600 lbs., but cannot lift the toilet seat when they take a piss.

  2. The dickweed who asked me, “So…what do you guys do in a bodybuilding contest?” “Lift weights or something?” I wanted to get him in a headlock and crush his skull with my bicep.

I take an hour of the bench press. So piss off.

If I remember correctly it stands for Amateur Athletic Union, they are all over the country. I know them for the basketball league. A lot of good amateur kids…but the yutzes you usually get to see are the ones decked out head to toe in brand new, squeaky clean AAU gear and $300 bb shoes.
After I finished up I enjoyed watching a young black kid in some old shoes teach the nimwad in question how to block a shot, multiple times…it made me smile.

i workout over at the local “y” and sometimes i really feel like throwing plates at people or at least dropping them on there toes let me start with the wierd guy who does krazy kung fu stuff around the entire place like a friggin balerena and to topm it off he talks to himself really loud. then you have the smelly guy who doesnt even know he smells of greasy mexican food and corona struttin around while people try to stay clear of his path. then you have [not complaining] this really fine mylph who is o so fine you want to take her in the family locker room or elevator and show her some new muscle groups. then of course the guys who only do arms or upper body arm curls with there back you name it i see it people choking literally with 135.

I can relate to ALL of this.


There’s a bunch of light bulbs at the “Family Fitness Center” I work out at. I brought my COC no. 1 with me just for kicks and giggles. do you this any of them could close it? Not a friggin chance!

No biggie though.

The also say that they don’t work legs or squat because “it makes my legs too big” Uh, right, maybe cause your afraid of work?

About a month ago I was in a squat workout and catching my breath in between sets when I see Danny, this 16 year old who trains well and is gaining but has a bum shoulder from wrestling and does a lot of rehab for it.
And there’s Al, A toothpick fifties guy who’s in there all the time doing things like 25lbs on the leg press and ZERO plates on the leg extention machine going super slow.But a real nice guy.

So I look across the gym and there’s Al, doing Lat pulldowns while standing with NO plates at all and his arms straight out.
And Danny doing stretchy band shoulder abductions while holding a lolly pop. I’m not kidding, a red one.
I laughed so hard I couldn’t squat for a five minutes.

But oh well, I sure get funny looks when I put my wrist roller on the rack and use my homemade grip tools.

I can handle the different ways people train, to each his own, but people being inconciderate pisses me off.

  1. The teenage wigger with “Dirty” and “Jersey” tatooed un his forearms asking me if I can get him and steroid pills.

  2. For that matter anyone asking me for any gear in the gym.

  3. The guy who wears umbros but no drawers so his nuts hang out when he benches, and he benches for 1 hr.

'tis okay…not everyone can work.

Hey TenMan, that toilet seat thing is hilarious, i feel your pain. We had one guy come in to the gym the other day and hardly curl with bad form an ez curl bar that already had 2 45’s on it. After he struggled to put up one rep, he walked out of the gym while staring at himself in the mirror the whole time with the cockiest look on his face, it really cracked me up. His workout lasting around a minute, i guess he must have not been a fan of long workouts.