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Most Annoying Person in the Gym Award

Let me preface this by saying that I have been working out at a “healthclub” for the past six months. It’s a pretty nice place, pool, whirpools, saunas, cardio room, nautilus room, weight room. I’m there for the weight room (which has a power rack) and is fairly well appointed.

Okay, contestant #1 is about 60 years old, 150lbs overweight. I’ve never gotten too close to him but my guess is he smells like a dead sea turtle. Anyway, I’ve never seen this guy do anything but s-t-r-e-t-c-h. That’s fine, but he does it on the equipment in the weightroom! I had to tell this behemoth to get the hell off the power-rack the other day while I was trying to squat. He came up in the middle of a set and started stretching! Sheesh! This morning he was laying on the floor on his back with his leg up on the Smith machine. He’s lucky the hottie that likes to squat all the way down wasn’t trying to use it or I would have dropped a couple plates on his apparently inflexible ass.

Our second contestant is this balding barber looking guy that seems to be in the locker room getting dressed every time I go in there. That’s fine, but he starts the process naked, drying off - not with a towel - but the wall mounted hot air dryer thing. Now even that would be okay, but he seems to get off on being naked. He’ll stand there under the dryer for as long as it takes me to undress, shower, and come back. I get back and he’s got his shirt on, tie tied, hair combed, and he’s still buck naked from the waist down. I don’t know if I should laugh or kick his ass.

So who’s annoying in your gym?

One guy that really pissed me off was on his cell phone/PDA making calls DURING SETS! Obviously he wasn’t working hard, but it gave him a sense of satisfaction that he was able to negotiate that real estate business deal and do a set of hammer strength chest press at the same time. Talk about time management.

I actually complained to the mgmt about this guy. Since I’m not able to wear headphones in the free weight room, he shouldn’t be able to wear an ear bud headset and make phone calls. They, ofcourse, did nothing.

Anyway, he was on the phone for the whole hour of his workouts.

Hmmmmm…there the couple guys, quite a bit bigger than me (ok, ay 6’2" and 180 that’s not hard though), but they are always glued to 1 piece of equipment for ages… Whether it be the bench press or the squat rack, which really pisses me off since I do full squat w/ 185 (slowly getting there guys, couldn’t even parallel 135 at the end of summer), and I look over and these guys are mumbling shit about me while they 1/5 squat some stupidly high weight that I reckon I could do if I went as low as they did. Plus they walk around like they own the place, but I never see their poundages go up…unless the bottom of their squat does too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well in the fitness center that I work out in during the summer when I am home, there’s this guy who volunteers at the front desk there (only volunteers help run the place). Anyway one day while I was maxing out my deadlift, he comes over stands like 6 inches from me, and leans over me while I do my 1 rep max, while the whole time he’s staring at me intensly. When I’m finally done, he says “now what are ya doing there anyway? What’s that do for ya?” If it had been anyone else besides him I would have punched them right then and there, but he was a teacher in my highschool, so I let it go. He also tunes the radio to oldies 109 FM when he volunteers there, which really bugs the hell out of me too. Atleast when I volunteer there I play some good stuff like AC/DC, GNR, or some good rap.

Ok now in my school gym there never used to be anyone working there at all, until they added a 100k of nautlis/cybex junk to their new section, while getting no new free weight equipment at all. ANyway now they have someone working a desk, and there’s this one girl who always bitches and argues with me about me squatting, snatching, and cleaning with no shoes on. (I need new sneakers, as mine are very unstable, and unsurportive, so I do these exercise bare foot - I also feel more powerful going bare foot as well). In addition she would also not allow anyone to put any cd’s in the cd player, so we had to listen to celion dion amongst other crap while trying to workout. Talk about a bitch on a pre-menestrel (sp?) power trip. I complained about her though, and guess what? CD’s are now permitted like they used to be, and I can squat barefoot as long as I stay in one spot and don’t roam throughout the gym.

As for actual people working out in the gym? I can’t stand the pretty boy who gets all dressed up to workout and does nothing but isolation exercises, and up-right rows in the squat rack - how fucking lazy can you be? I also detest pretty boys with towels over their shoulders in the new section who use nothing except the new cybex/nautilus machines. Oh yeah how about the retards that say “you must have found some steroids eh?” just b/c they’re obviously trying to fiqure out why I am either bigger and stronger than them, or smaller, yet can lift twice as much as them, even though I don’t take any roids or supps.

I’m sure there’s more peole who annoy me, but I can’t think of anymore at the moment.

The guy who clears his nose with a farmer’s blow behind the weight tree and never puts his plates away.

Oh my, where should I begin ?! Forgive me but if this a bitch post, I submit a group of people…

I work out at the local YMCA and this is what bugs me… regardless of your gym, everyone on this post will agree:

  • the number of adolescent punks that come in and waste their time strutting in front of the mirrors; acting all ALPHA male and shit… don’t they have guns that need cleaning at home ?
    -Guys doing nothing but biceps and chest; not minding that long-term they will look like Quasimodo…
    -the young guys that work out too impress the hottie in the gym, not mindful of form… and almost dropping their weights or walking into you mid-set…
    -guys that fucking reek of garlic or spices… seriously though, do these guys not know the concept of personal hygiene ? And we are talking industrial strength odor folks… the air circulation at my gym is bad enough, but seriously, the stench defies the scientific process of diffusion… It reeks so bad you CANNOT work out in their vicinity… they have a garlic/onion/roadkill/carrion/cadaver less than embalmed smell about them taht other gym patrons now know to steer clear of…
    -there was this one older lady that did the same thing you talked about and totally perverted the use of equipment… LOL… she would use the old Nautilus machine bench press, slide underneath it, and do leg presses ???
    Seriously, LMFAO when I saw that…
    -there is a pudgy balding guy who walks around shirtless in the general area with a gut a second term pregnant mother would be proud of, and get this bonus… runner’s shorts that are cut at mid-hip… the best part was that he would strut around like he’s the shit…
    -another guy that wears a weight belt for bicep curls and shoulder raises… uh, riiiight…
    -the older guy that tries to rip the handles off the pec deck like he’s really pushing weight, only to let them crash back… uh, hello ? Heavy weight + poor form + crap ass useless machine = serious hurting/injury…

I could go on, but hey, I’m at work… shit…

Now, I’ve gone on a rant but please T-dudes add your woes and peeves to the list; I’m having a long crap ass day @ work and need a good laugh… Who pisses you off at your gym ? Let the dogs know.

i nominate myself, apparently some fellow gym goers hate me/talk shit about me on a regular basis. how do i know this? i lift with my brother (when i’m home) and we never do the same workout so i have another set of ears somewhere else in the gym.

to me, the most annoying people are the guys in red (our gym has designated spotters at all times). they absolutely suck and i NEVER ask them for spots. during bench, they don’t take their fucking hands off the bar, even when you tell them you just need someone there just in case and you’ve been pushing that weight for over a month. they constantly tell my i’m going to hurt my back doing cleans and deadlifts, and always come yell at me for kicking a guy out of the power rack for doing pull ups in it.

"- the number of adolescent punks that come in and waste their time strutting in front of the mirrors; acting all ALPHA male and shit… don’t they have guns that need cleaning at home ? "

they’re fucking everywhere! especially up at the school gym,listening to their “workout tips” gives me diarrhea

On the topic of wierd naked guys:

I work at the rec center here at UC, and I also seem to have a small bladder. It could be the 2+ gallons of water I drink a day, but I digress. Anyway, I am constently going into the locker rooms to urinate- Im talking like every 15 minutes. Anyway, Wednesday I have to piss so bad I am about to cry because the front desk was slammed and I couldnt get away, and I run into the locker room at ramming speed. I clear the door and almost rearend this naked guy STANDING IN THE DOORWAY. I say excuse me and he seems a little put out that he has to move his butt naked carcass outta my way. So he gives a grunt and steps aside and I proceed to have the worlds longest piss. Relieved, I go to leave, and he is right back in the doorway, still naked as the day he was born just chattin away with somebody. I walk very slowly so that he can see me, which he does, I know because he looks me straight in the eyes. Anyway, as I traverse the maybe 15 feet between the two of us, he bends down to put on a sock. I walk very slowly in the hopes that he will finish before I get to him, but he evidently has not mastered the fine art of putting a fucking sock on in hes 40+ years on this wonderful planet. I manage to walk as slow as I can possibly stand to the door that this idiot is blocking, but still get there before he can get his sock on. I say excuse me, he gives another grunt, bends up slightly and proceeds to HOP ACROSS THE ROOM ON ONE FOOT WHILE STARK NAKED. Trust me, this is not a sight you EVER want to see. I shudder as I type this it was so fucking disturbing.

Farmer blow on the floor?

If I saw someone do that in my gym I’d grab the nearest oly bar, ram it up their ass and use them as a mop!

I work out at my collage, and there a tons of recent emigrants from India and Pakistan who go there. No problem, except that standards of personal hygiene are obviously different where they come from. Simply put, they stink really bad. I’m not saying I wish they were those idiots who wear cologne to the gym, but at least they could bathe once and a while and use deodorant. One of them has a locker right next to mine in the locker room, and it smells like camel piss. And after he works out he just applies some atrocious cologne to his filthy body without even showering.

My problem with their hygiene wouldn’t be so bad if they were working out sensibly, but I’ve seen only one or two indians or pakistanis doing any useful lifting. 99 per cent of the time they are doing cheat curls with fifteen lbs in their polo shirts, or furiously rowing away on the calorie-counting rowing machine in their dress shoes.

I really shouldn’t pick on immigrants in particular for doing pansey-ass exercises though, since 99 per cent of everyone in my gym does the same.


I guess the gym I go to is a lot better than what some of you have to put up with. It’s a “Fitness Centre” though. I guess we have our share of weirdos. They don’t really tend to bother me that much. I go in do my thing, Talk to a few people, shower and leave.

By far, the most annoying person is the tiny little punk who wears a belt while curling. Not only is he wearing a belt, he’s also wearing wrist straps! Although, the belt can be explained because his form is so terrible. He uses too much weight and basically does a massive hip thrust to curl it.
Another minor irritant is the guy who always screams during lifts. I can understand doing some grunting/growling when you are lifting really heavy loads, or on the last rep of a tough set. But this guy YELLS for every single rep of every single set. It’s kinda hard to focus yourself for a grueling set when somebody’s howling while they bench press 40’s.
One of the biggest irritants for me are the machine vultures. I often do supersets of dumbell or barbell exercises with a machine exercise. I usually set up shop so that both are in close proximity so people know what I’m doing. However, instead of waiting 30 seconds until I’m done with the superset or asking to work in, they just jump on the machine. Then, instead of getting up and letting me finish my superset, they just sit on the machine like they own it.

I know it’s a little off topic, but here are a few things I’ve observed in the weightroom:
At any particular point in time, there will be at least 2 people doing an arm isolation exercise. This applies to the times when there are only 2 people besides you in the gym. Also, there always is one person/pair that does nothing but arm exercises for every workout. You never see them doing any other lifts for any other bodyparts.

I’d have to say its the guys who pay attention to what everyone else is doing while they workout. THEN, they complain about it, to somehow feel validated for how hard they supposedly work.
Anyone here know someone like that?

The big guy who out weighs me by about 50lbs following me about the gym waiting for me to finish my sets on whatever I’m doing and then precedes to use at least 10% more than me, for at least an extra 2 reps with the most good awful form you’ve ever seen with his skinny ass friend in tow, just to let me know that he’s stronger than me. Man get a life!

(When i see him come in now i just go straight for the oly lifts, that seems to upset him and he just knock outs some barbell power curls instead)

a few more ppl i hate…

go to my school gym last night for the 1st time since i got back sunday (been busy sorting my 20hr ass raping schedule out :frowning: ) anyways, its fucking packed, i recognize maybe 3 regulars, every1 else i assume are new years resolutioners who have vowed to lose/gain lbs, oh well, 1 more week and they’ll be gone.

Arm exercise ppl, I will second that, all i saw was ppl doing curls or bench, like nobody besides myself and maybe 1 other guy doing legs.

Power racks, those damn assholes that come curl in there or do sissy squats make me want to scream. Especially if they talk about how they can’t go any lower b/c of their knees…never mind the 5 plates they threw on to boost their fragile ego…

All for now, more to follow soon!!

The sicko in the locker-room stretching in a green thong. I now call him puff the magic-fruit cake. People are weird?!

So many retards so little time…

There’s the guy at the gym I work at that gets a bench under the smith and sets the safety bumpers 6" from lock out. He then proceeds to load a shatload of weight on the bar and “workout”. This consists of blasting the weight off the bumpers to lockout and then releasing the weight, letting it crash down, rattling the free weight area.
His reasoning for this is that he has shoulder issues and can’t bring the weight he can “press” back down. Frankly I could care less if he strapped 45s to his sack and walked around but it is the one Smith in the small weightroom of a very hoyte-toyte country club fitness center and I have to deal with all the complaints and the ridiculous racket.

After I eat I’ll tell you about the handfull of AAU a-holes that almost got a O-bar to the head last night.

Y’all. Mind your own business and lift. Whoa, wow…you know so much than those silly guys.