Thought this would be a good thread. What are the all-time most annoying gym habits that really piss you off. Here are my top three:

  1. The guy who is on his cell phone the whole time he is in the gym
  2. The guy who has been on the bench for 20 mins doing concentration curls with a 15lb dumb-bell
  3. and ofcourse on everyone’s list is the guy squatting 595 for 1/16th reps.

Excellent topic, Gabe.

-people leaving plates on machines

-people letting extremely smelly farts
go and then pretending like it’s no big deal or even not even aknowledging it.

-people who make fun of everyone else in the gym and yet know absolutely nothing about anything.

-people who ask you for advice and then when you answer, tell you why you’re wrong exanmple: “I haven’t changed my routine in 3 years and haven’t made any noticeable gains sicne then.” “Ok, why not mix it up a little, you know, new exercises etc.” “Naw, that just confuses things, I’ve hit a plateau, I’ll get through it sooner or later. People who change things up never progress.”

-naked guys who walk around the change rooms for an eternity for no apparent reason.

-people who ask to set in with you and then invite their friends to do the same, so there are 3 of you jockeying for the calf raise machine.

-people ask you what exercise you are doing, why you are doing it etc. and then telling you what they do, like you give a shit.

-people not wiping down benches and you forgettig to look before you sit or lie down.

-people who ask you why you write your sets and reps down “are you trying to be the next Mr. Olympia?”

-people just coming up to you to tell you what body part you need to develop and telling you how.

-guys who lift the heaviest poundages with the worst form in the world and who then proceed to tell you all about what they just did and how it’s their “best lift ever!”

I’m getting so annoyed just writing this all down, but it is kind of therapeutic.

CGB, it sounds like we go to the same gym! (we don’t). My ALL TIME, numero uno, piss me off and make me angry gym habit is the failure to unload machines…lazy, lazy, LAZY! and it’s always some scrawny F*#k, who can’t read (the rules are posted) and must think that his freakin’ MOTHER works out here too and she will be along to clean up his mess!(these pricks also leave a trail of used towels, coffee cups and sweat).

I swear, if my gym had a rule that you could kill one guy a year with a quarter to the head, I’d have this place in shape Tickety-Boo!..puff, puff…damnit, now I’m all worked up…Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

“I thoroughly disapprove of duels. If a man should challenge me, I would take him kindly and forgivingly by the hand and lead him to a quiet place and kill him”

~ Mark Twain

Pet Peeve #1 If you can lift the weight out the freaking wieght back to where it belongs!!!

~ certin people need to shower before they even enter the gym!

~ cell phones… I leave mine in my car…

Thou Shalt Not Do Curls in the Cage,
Talk to Me While I Have On a Hat+ Sunglasses and Headphones (it is a Hint!), Come Anywhere Near my Cage, Come Out of YOUR Ciruit Square, COME ANYWHERE NEAR MY FRILLING CAGE YOU DILLETANTE ASSHOLE…
sorry (well not realy)

Almost any exercise on the Smith Machine, but mostly squats.

Greasy ass head stains.

The guy that is there 2 hours EVERY day, but has been the same size for 2 years. You think he’d catch on…he’s not even big, like 150lbs.


-People who do the same routine everyday (bench & bicept)

-wearing a beater when you have bitch tits

-people who know nothing about nutrition asking (“What kind of protein drinks do you use?”) OR (“Do you use Creatine, cause creatine makes you HUGE!”)
Just a few things…

I wrote something for my website called Jeff’s Gym Pet Peeves. Check it out!

THE # 1 is the asshole that lets the dumb bells ring every time he does a set never fails there is 1.

Oh, there is soooo much to say on this topic. Still I’ll try and get a few down, working at a gym I’ve got quite a few. These are in no particular order

  1. People who ask me questions then don’t get the answer they want so they spend the next ten minutes asking the question again and again but phrasing it differently hoping I’ll give them the answer they want.

  2. The trainers at my gym who lie to people, telling them what they want to hear when I wouldn’t so that they can get business.

  3. People who don’t put weights away. I personally think that if you don’t put your weights away the staff should be allowed to throw them at you.

  4. Cell phones, if you really need to talk on it go outside.

  5. People who ask me questions when I’m working out. I wear headphones for a reason, while I don’t mind a few short questions DO NOT ask me once I’ve unracked the bar then get upset when I tell you to wait a minute!

  6. Peaople clicking dumbells together at the top of every rep. Do you have any idea how annoying it is to hear that for 8 hours? Show a little control, I promise that missing the last 1/8th of an inch will not affect your muscular development.

  7. People dropping weights, I’ve started wearing steel toes when I work and it’s paid off!

Well, that’s about it for the moment, but I don’t promise I won’t be back. . .


  • heroes who drop the D/B or B/B at the end of their set so as to make a thundering noise in an effort to get everyone’s attention - even though they have just complerted the set with fucked technique and their cousin Mario has just spotted about 50% of the weight!!!

Cell phones have to annoy me the most. I watched a guy doing crunches the other night while chatting away…Way to go for a mind-muscle connection buddy!! HS and College kids have no business with a cell phone in my opinion anyway, and if they do NEED to have one they need to leave it in their freakin car. I have one and it stays in my car for emergencies. I hate these self-important people that think they need constant contact. Hell, I stay in the gym longer than I need to some nights so I don’t have to be bothered by phone calls.

stucross, could you pleae keep the Italian racial stereotyping to a minimum? Just kidding. :slight_smile:

Anyway, he brought up a good point - noise. There are some gyms where the banging around of weights is accepted and those where it’s an annoyance. I like banging shit around just as much as the next guy, but I know those around me (in the gyms that I frequent) may not, so I refrain. I also think it’s quite ironic that those that make the most noise for attention don’t realize that it’s much harder to replace 45’s quietly than violently. So they’re essentially trying to draw attention to themselves through laziness.

Dropping weights. I swear a guy in my gym does flat bench dumbell presses with 30ib. dumbells (he has to weigh at least 210) and literally drops them from the extended position after each set.

What a tool!

a few more I thought of;

-nosepickers- there are always a few of these types and I’ve seen one regular in my gym even put his boogers on equipment.

-people that give the worst possible advice to someone, usually someone that is sincerely interested and they don’t give a shit and give dumb advice.

-spitters- I’ve seen more than enough of this.

-people coming up to me in the middle of a heavy set and asking me if anyone is using the tricep rope that’s lying 15 feet away from me.

-people who take phone calls in the middle of a set. Look, unless it’s the Pope or your wife is having a baby, smarten up.

-people that ask me why my exercises look so weird and when I tell them to read Testosterone, they say something like “yeah, I’ve heard of that, doesn’t it boost your sex drive or something?”

I have to add a few

  1. The guy on an aerobics machine that’s got some flem and makes a hacking noise every other minute the whole time he’s exercizing.
  2. People on the stair machine holding all their body wieght up with their arms and peddling away as fast as they can with no resistance…hmmm i can’t figure out why you’re still fat?!
  3. Peolpe who stack the leg press and barely bend there knees during the each rep…come on they’re probably scared it would snap their little legs.

While I have several things that really piss the hell out of me in the gym, the number one has got to be spotters. I can lift a considerable amount of weight for my frame/age/height/weight, yet it always seems that on my last rep, someone will come up to me and grab my arms to help support the weight. Today, for intance, I was on the flat bench with 80 pound dumbells, which I normally press for 6 or 7 reps, and on like 4 some guy comes up and begins to spot me. As he jambs his thumbs into my brachioradialis, it’s no wonder I couldn’t finish my set…Unless someone looks like they might die, don’t spot them.

OneDay - thank God I’ve never had that happen to me. That is pretty damn rude.

you know whats fucking annoying? is when your doing a superset of antagonist muscle groups like say bis, and tris. you got your flat bench set up for close grip presses, and you have your barbell set up for some curls. you do your close grip presses, get up to go do your curls and some mother fucher has high-jacked your bar. and when you start yelling and flaming out of your ass they wonder what the fuck is wrong with you. god damn i love ephedrine.

I almost forgot:

  1. skinny kids that come up and ask you what your workout is, what you eat,what supplements you take, etc. -get an fing trainer or pay me 30$ for 30 mins. worth of questions
  2. The asshole that loads up 8 plates on the leg press, does 1/4 reps and cant put them away…when I put away every single weight always!.. even when i have 20+ plates on the hammer shrug + put them all away while my back is spasming…