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Most Aggressive Sport

Hey t-men! Listen up, my bud and I are in search of the most aggressive sport. We’ve got a whole lot of T to unleash on some mofos. Suggestions?

Naked Oiled Pig Wrestling…

Not exactly certain if this is defined as a ‘sport’ but driving north on I-95 through Philly on a Friday night (after 10PM) seems to be where tons of people go to unleash the ‘T’.

In my opinion the most physically demanding sport would be gymnastics. Seriously think about the ratio of strength to body mass you need for the sport… Though if you are over 200 pounds you are sort of too big to have your body doing the movements.


Any “no holds barred” combat tournament must by far be the most aggressive sport. In fact, there would not be a number 2. Imagine 2 men in a limited area focused on the sole purpose of physically destroying the other person. In this forum, strength, speed, size, reflexes, timing, and yes, technique, intellect and the primal instinct for survival will all coalesce together (with no one factor being necessaryily more important than the other; i.e. the smaller man can often still win) to play a role.

Rugby, kinda like football but without the pads.

I’ve heard of rugby players getting their ears torn off in scrums then putting them in their pockets until the end of the half when they could get stitched back on. Then they’d finish the game. I dislocated my shoulder playing rugby & didn’t keep playing but my chiropractor said some guys would.

The most violent sport (war is not a sport) that I’ve ever engaged in is rugby. Rugby provides players with more potential for inflicting harm on others than any other team sport in my experience. As far as individual sports go, boxing has to be the most physically demanding, blood-thirst satisfying sport ever devised–especially bare knuckle!

Boy band + target practice…wait that’s the funnest. Uhhhhhh killing people who cut me off in traffic or who don’t know how to drive example: they come up to a corner and turn it at about 0.5mph…these people need to be killed…not once but eight or nine times!!!

Seriously though…Football, Full contact fighting, rugby, boxing/kickboxing/thai-boxing and some extreme sports.


Wrestling. bar none.

go watch a football game…now imagine the same level of violence WITHOUT pads and helmets. welcome to rugby! (i am curretnly sporting a lovely cleat imprint in shades of green and purple on my right thigh grin)

Pro football. Other sports have the potential, but not the payoff in bucks, so they don’t draw the best athletes trying to kill each other. Come on, if your average rugby player had the talent he’d take the bucks and play with the Jevon Kearse’s, Ray Lewis’s, and Warren Sapp’s of the world. They use pads and helmets because they’re to fast and strong to play without. If ruby players were good enough, they’d be in the Nfl.

Fight Club

Masturbation by far!


Michelle, usually I’m not this rude, but I have to admit, thinking of any chick grinning like a fool with a cleat imprint from playing such a rough sport is totally giving me a chubby.

Lord god send me a woman like that!

To Irondoc: I seem to remember Jonah Lomu being offered a contract to join the NFL, but he turned it down because the rugby union would ban him if he did, so he couldn’t play for his country. The last thing you want is him running at you. At 6’5" and 275lb (very little fat), he can still run the 100m in 10.8. You can’t tell me he wouldn’t make it in the NFL

You can make ANY sport ultra aggressive, it’s all in how YOU play the game. Find something you’ll enjoy doing, then take it to the limit and beyond.

Being aggressive is not permitted in the rules of sport, apart from boxing and anything that is of a similar nature. What is allowed is being assertive.