Most Aesthetic Bodybuilder

most aesthetic bodybuilder on T-Nation go.

A T-Nation member or any competitive bodybuilder?

My vote goes to Rusty Jeffers.

Honorable mention: Reg Park, Steve Reeves, Marc Dugdale, Arnold Schwarzenneger, Hamdullah Aykutlu.

Gifted! before he went pro

Serge Nubret

[quote]ground control wrote:
Serge Nubret[/quote]

After Arnold, Serge is the next closest thing to perfection.

He means T-Nation members, Not pros that do not post on the site. Gifted! is an ok example.

He has the best wasp waist with broad shoulders I’ve seen on here but I’ve only been here a year and a half and haven’t looked through many older threads. I can’t even think of a example that currently posts

John Schlecht is my favorite bodybuilder on T-mag. Perhaps not the most aesthetic, but built like a freaking tank! Plus he performs well, not just all show and no go.

I don’t care if he’s a homo… Bob Paris

On T-Nation ?

Pwrbarboy and MadTitan

[quote]zonaguy10 wrote:

[quote]ground control wrote:
Serge Nubret[/quote]

After Arnold, Serge is the next closest thing to perfection. [/quote]

Serge is in my eyes closer to perfection than Arnold.

Arnold still looked great thou.


Nubret fan here. I obviously am a fan of Arny, Columbo, Zane, etc. but Nubret just looks awesome. Even more impressive is he somehow managed to compete against Arny at a supposed 205lbs - which I don’t know how that’s all he weighed looking like that.

Honestly, I don’t know why he never won the Olympia.

Eliteballa before he went pro.

Thought I’d get that in before any of you mothers! Honestly hard to say as some of the comp winners have been good. Saying that a guy called caveman from awhile back look pretty awesome

I really like Tony Freeman’s physique. great mass yet very athletic and balanced.

this is the look that should be winning pro shows. Cedric is a good start in that direction.

Cedric is definitely the best combo of size and shape at the moment. Old school, find pics of Paris when he was around 250 lbs. I don’t think many people remember how large he got in his last few contests.



Overall, an incredible specimen. Elevenmag, we bow down to your amazing aesthetics and size. It’s truly remarkable.

P.S. When is this guy going to go away?

“I can’t even think of any that currently post.”

lolzzz gtfo douche.