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Mosley on Lifting Weights


And I learned that lifting too much weights isn't good for a boxer anyway.

â??I noticed that my knockout ratio went down when I was lifting. I stopped before I fought Fernando Vargas (in 2006) and I started knocking people out again. I just didnâ??t have the same snap on my punches.

â??The minute I stopped using a strength trainer I started to fight better,â?? he continued. â??Before, people were saying I was old, washed up. It was probably because of my workouts. Now, Iâ??m back to the old Sugar Shane. Iâ??m 37 and looking better than ever.â??



Very interesting.


Look for the explosive power thread before this becomes a exactly replica. The type of wieght training you do determines whether its good or bad.


You'd never know how much dumb shit his "strength trainer" had him doing to improve his punch. Still, too many boxers have spoken out against weight training for their words to be passed off trivially.


I'm willing to believe that boxing, which is a sport martial arts system with a very narrowly defined set of movement parameters and weight classes, does not require weights for optimal training (even though bodyweight, med ball and ballistic forms of resistance training are used). However, I don't think it necessarily follows that (a) other combat sports are the same, or (b) weight lifting necessarily degrades boxing training.


Tough to argue with Mosley's results, but when it comes to improving speed and punching power, it really depends on who you ask.

Joe Lewis is a big advocate of resistance training when it comes to improving speed and punching power, and the guy is just as fast and hits as hard or harder now in his 60's than he did when he was in his prime.

In the end the individual should do whatever they feel works best for them.


You wrote something interesting about lifting in the past sentoguy. It was in the line of "taking time to adjust to your strength". How have weights worked for you?


I've followed Mosley for a while now. What I find strange about his comments is that when he fought and beat oscar, twice, he looked amazing and his resistance training program was intensive at that point. He was able to bench in the high 300's while fighting in the welter-weight division, 147 lbs. Granted, he was a lot younger then so maybe he's had to adapt his training to his age.


He was also juicing during that time right before the DLH fight. Might have had something to do with it.

And the second fight was at 154, not 147.


Did they move up in weight? I don't remember that. Also, wasn't that just allegedly or was that definatively proven? I remember hearing rumors about that...was the substance banned if so?


Yea, first fight was at 147 in 2000, the second was in 2003 at 154.

Nah he admitted it to the grand jury. It was the cream and the clear bullshit from balco, and he was injecting something called EPO.


He's also not fighting the same level of competition, for the same amounts of money as mosley.

He also fought at a much heavier weight. At 147(mosley) for a 5'7 guy lifting weights is bound to put size on you, and trying to resist that size will just lead to fatigue, and slower speed. If you don't and just go up a weight class he's not going to have the same knock out power someone naturally that size who has been there a while.

Regarding the Oscar fight he may or may not have meant that particular time, since he was using roids also. Using steriods and lifting weights won't slow you down like lifting weights without steriods, if he decided to stop using he most likely was going to have to change the way he uses resistance.


Well I think that it wasn't like most trainers would say, i.e. lifting weights makes you slow. But I think without the steroids, his recovery time was longer (as it would be for a guy fighting at 32-38 years old) and so the lifting was taking more out of him. This could lead his skillwork to suffer, which could have meant anything from his form not being as good to his muscles being tired from lifting and not performing at the level they could for his specific purpose.


Punching power is a weird thing. As a light guy (163), I punched HARD. I wasn't lifting at the time. I still punch HARD.

You could take a guy who can do more "explosive" lifting than me. He will not punch harder.

A lot of it is technique. A lot is just mystery. There is no real reason I should be able to punch as hard as I can. I'm not especially explosive in any other way. I never could dunk a basketball, my box jumps aren't all that high, my power cleans aren't that heavy, and I can't sprint fast. But I could always punch really hard.

My take: If you can punch hard, why mess with weights or "sports specific" training. Don't fuck up a good thing.

If you're punches are weak, throw in some weights. It's not like it will make you that much worse.



I blow up every time I hear morons equate steroids with strength. It goes to show how narrow-minded people are. Just because bodybuilders do x doesn't mean everyone else does or should do x. Or that they use x for the same thing.

Even if steroids let to ZERO strength increase, guys would be on them. It's the recovery time. If you can get in 15 work outs in a week instead of 10, that's a big deal. Even 1 or 2 extra workouts is HUGE.

Steroids = recovery.



I am going to make that a tshirt


All the people whom I knew who used ( some teams coaches its a given, some assumed )used for recovery

Dan john wrote a great article here the main premis being what is the secret of the program
most of the time it was some kind of steroid , (in his article)



this is from a respectable coach..i don't know if he'd want me to send this info..so i wont say the name..but he's definaately known and you've all heard of him.

"As far as Mosely saying strenght training wasn't good for him he's right...most fighters are already overtrained and when they get a strenght coach during their fight preparation to put them thru 2 hours of weights per day it's overkill. They get stale because they're already doing 5 hours of boxing and conditioning per day and their arms are worn out...so they benefit more from reduced strenght training which allows them to recover better. They key is to "focus" on strength training only at times when you can afford to do so...like when you don't have a fight in 3 weeks. If you have a fight coming up you cut down the strength training to very low maintenancy volumes...I'm talking like maybe a couple of days per week with less than 10 sets total per workout.
So anyway, yeah strength training makes you more powerful but in order to fully express that power you have to be fresh so at times you need to cut back on it. If right now you totally eliminated strenght training for 2 weeks and did nothing but MMA or boxing you'd find your punches would be a little quicker...but if you didn't strenght train at all for the next 2 months you'd eventually find your punches are weaker as your strenght goes down. The key is to gain strenght at certain times and maintain at others. Conditioning is the same way...you can't always be trying to go full bore on every quality. "

I think this is true. I've always punched hard even at a little 150lber.
Now I'm sittin a bit above 200..way stronger, I still have good speed in my hands, I lift a lot of heavy weights. And I still punch hard lol.
It IS true that when I lay off heavy lifting for a couple weeks..my punches are faster and do have more of a snap to them..but I always have that snap..it's just feels and perhaps looks more prevelent when I take a couple weeks off to let fatigue dissipate in my arms.
If you don't believe me..let me hit you in the face hahaha jk :slight_smile:


Another thing that gets me. People say using steroids is "taking the easy way out."


People use steroids so they can work HARDER.

Pretty funny.... the divide between the reality of why people use steroids; and why people think that others use steroids.


Peaking for a fight


So true,I think on a site like this its easy to forget... its a bodybuilding site
and most of the steroid talk is leaning toward that.
It was when I got to a Div I program and got to see stuff up close
and really the people who used - did it to stay healthy/heal/recover
and get some longevity.