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What you all think?



Mosley has a much better chance at Floyd than Marquez or Hatton did. I'd love Mosley to win, the guy is an awesome fighter to watch, hes always a class act, and I do believe he has the style to beat may. Also, considering that this is the first real welterweight Floyds fought in 3 years(if you count the DLH fight at 154)then yeah i gotta give it to shane, although it may just be my dislike of floyd as a person talking. Shane on points.


Anyone catch the 24/7. My favorite part was when they asked Floyd about Mosley sating he only fights for money. I can't remember the exact quote but basically PBF said "duh you dumb mother ducker ima prize fighter key word prize, you fight for a prize (money) dummy"


"shane wants to say i just fight for the money......duh ya fuckin dummy Imma prize fighter, i fight for a prize".
funny as fuck...espescially the part when floyd got on shane for still having a jerry-curl.

So i got Floyd(of course). I expect floyd to control the pace of the fight, let Shane pressure, make his moves, try his strategy out, then after a slow 4-5 rds where floyd is behind he will take over, and I believe catch shane tryin to be too aggressive. In the end I believe floyd will do what got him to 40-0 and hopefully it will get him to 41-0. If it goes the distance it will rely on whether the judges appreciate Shane pressing the action or Floyds boxing prowess.


also you guys see that this fight is gonna be shown in theatres all over the country? pretty cool, Im thinkin about trying that out, but dont want to miss out on the atmosphere of a bar/friends house....ya know all the shit talking and what not.


I get the feeling Sugar Shane gonna do some shit. Don't know what, don't know if its a KO or outpoint or whatever... but Shane's is slick, he's powerful, and fast as fuck.


Mosley... though this fight should have happened loooooong ago.


I am hyped as hell for this fight...can't wait.

Can't help overlook the fact that mosley has not been active in more than a year against an opponent who wasn't as great as people made him out to be. You don't want to have long lay offs like that when your pushing 40. May WILL WIN. UD but I will be rooting for shane.


Very true.


Good point... Mayweather is good at stalling fights till the other boxer isn't in a position to beat him anymore... However I'm taking Mosely still.


I am taking Shane by TKO in the later rounds. I think the key will be investing in body shots early and often.


They think Im saying it to be humorous. Its a premiere weight for him. If you put it on the scale and it weighs in at 147, I feel that Shane Mosley can knock it out. If you put it on the scale and it weighs 147, there are certain farm animals that Shane Mosley can knock out if they come in at 147. - Nazim Richardson


I hope with everything that Shane wins this fight, I can't help but feel that Mayweather is the superior and smarter fighter though. Everyone is looking at the Margarito fight to indicate the fire that Mosley still has, but I can't help but wonder how the just getting caught trying to cheat messed with Margaritos head. If I had just been caught cheating before a serious bout, I'd imaging I'd be thinking of all the consequences sure to come and whether or not my boxing career was over.

Because of this I have a hard time believing Mosley is the amazing fighter at 40 that everyone makes him out to be. He's great I'll give him that, but great enough to beat Mayweather? Probably not, especially with such a close fight with Mayorga prior to the knockout. That to me is a greater indication of Mosley's abilities at this point in his career.

I do give Mosley extra points now that his father isn't training him anymore, I think he should've picked up Nazim or another great trainer years ago, but Nazim has definitely done him good.


Money will fight this fight similar to the way he fought Delahoya, very careful, being sure to pick up as many rounds as he can without putting himself in too much danger. Hopefully Mosley can pressure him into really fighting, only time will tell...


I'm taking my 2nd favorite fighter Money Mayweather by UD.

From Roach:
Mayweatherâ??s style isnâ??t a good match for Mosley, Roach said, and the 38-year-old gunslinger isnâ??t the same as he once was.

â??Everybody talks about how Shane fought Margarito, but that was the perfect opponent and perfect execution,â?? Roach said. â??Shane grew up in Los Angeles and he has always loved it when he fought a Mexican fighter and the guy attacked him and came after him. He was always at his best in fights like that.

â??Heâ??s had trouble with boxers and guys with speed. â?¦ Iâ??m sure his age will show a bit in this fight, because thatâ??s something we canâ??t get away from. We slow down when we get older. I give Shane a small chance of winning, but I think Mayweather will put on a very good, maybe a dominant performance.â??


^ Roach is a bit biased in that he wants the world to believe his fighter is the only one who can beat Mayweather. His statement is such bullshit, "He won but thats because Margarito was the perfect opponent with perfect execution". So the one of the only reasons Mosley won is because he had perfect execution?? WTF! Leave it to Roach to say some dumb shit like "the only reason he won is cuz he executed his plan perfectly". lol The funny thing is I do think Pacman has the ability to beat Mayweather, but I think Mosley would destroy Pacquiao.


I agree with everything here.

Sugar Shane was just too good for Margo. But you can never listen to what these trainers and fighters say, because they're always angling for the next fight.

Roger Mayweather has said a number of times that Sugar Shane is the real deal- he also said that he was going to "Whoop Margarito's ass."

Now that Floyd's fighting him, though, Sugar shane ain't shit.

It's all hype for these three camps (Mosley, May, Pac) right now. Although I do really, really like Nazim Richardson.


Nazim is a real ass dude


? How do you figure?


If you ever doubted the powers of punctuation, think about the difference between "a real ass, dude" and "a real-ass dude."