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Mortgage or Tithe?




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Oh no, Pat Robertson's IRS agents for God will be visiting her house. /Yawn


Bottom line: Pat Robertson is a huge fucking asshole.


Well, I'm no fan, myself. But the destruction of the traditional family has increased the misery of poverty, not Pat Robertson.


I think that this kind of advice is reckless. I think that tithing was drummed up as a way to guilt people out of their money so that those in the church could profit. If God exists, he has no use and no want for my money.


Cant see the link from my mobile, so I am confining my post to the concept of tithing in general. The concept of sacrifice to God has been around a long, long time. I do not think it is valid then to say that the concept of tithing (either in animal sacrifice or money) is or was drummed up to merely fatten the pockets of those in charge--this concept is also found in unorganized religion as well.

I think that there are lots of places that do try to guilt you into giving money, but that is not all places.

the concept of a sacrifice (whether money or not) to God is an act of a) thanksgiving for what you have and b) an act of faith that God will continue providing for you. in addition in the early church tithing was voluntary, and as a way to help the poor among them. And further, one could legitimately say that although God has no NEED for your money (i do not think he does), He probably does want you to be concerned abput people other than your own interests/families interests...and giving money is a way to help out others.

It's kinda (ok, not really, but I cant think of another metaphor at the moment) like a father who gives kids chores, even though he has servants to do chores for him. Does he need the kids to do them? Nope. They could get done anyways. Is it a way to teach responsibility and perspective? Yep. Maybe even make the kids thankful they don't always have to do the chores (ie--thankful for the money, home, whatever you do have).

Anyway, that's my take on it. I am sure there are lots of places out there that do misuse, misallocate, and abuse tithe money. And I am sure that there are places out there that use every penny to help the poor/whoever as best they can. Should that reality affect the concept of tithing as legitimate? No, only your choice as to who you give your money and time to.


A woman asks Pat Robertson (a televangelist) if it would be okay to stop paying her tithe because she is struggling to pay her mortgage. Pat Roberston tells her she is probably mismanaging her money and not to cheap out god.


If tithing is so important to help out the poor, why doesn't the church instead advocate giving your tithe to a charitable institution? Early sacrifice of animals was not uncommon, but how was it transformed into money? Perhaps because the church had no use for dead animals? The church needs to stop linking tithing to your relationship with God and call it what it is, your membership fee.


My church does, they dont care where the money goes, just that you focus on trying to make a concious effort to give back to those less well off. I do a lot of volunteer work and make it a requirement on myself to do 10 hours a month, some at the Humane society, some at a food shelter, and when I can get good deals on stuff, i buy extra and donate it.... Also, try to get a deer every year for the food shelter.


Why would we call tithing something it isn't?


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Food genius, I know it is hard for people to think beyond money because we are such a consumer driven nation, but believe or not, there are more important things.


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So your advice to someone who is struggling to make their mortgage, probably can't feed their family well and spends most of their time stressing about their money is to continue to tithe. Despite all the evidence pointing to that extra money helping them, possibly saving a marriage, they should still tithe in the hopes that a God who may not even exist will make sure that next month they can give again?


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Everything I am and everything I have belongs to God. He gives me stewardship under Him over 90% and I joyously hand Him the other 10. (and give away some more to people who have even less than I do) The fact that my heart beats one more time AND I have any money or possessions at all is infinitely more than I deserve.

My financial situation has nothing to do with my giving. I give because He commands it and I love Him, wanting nothing more on this earth than to please Him. If He gives me more? HALLELUJAH! If He strips me bare and strikes me dead? HALLELUJAH!!!! "For me to live is Christ and to die is gain." Philippians 1:21 In case you're wondering I fellowship at a church that encourages most of our giving to be to each other and unbelievers in need as a witness of His love and not to the church itself though we do tithe.

Nobody has to tell me to give. I couldn't possibly begin to repay Him for what He's done for me.

BTW, everything you are and everything you have is God's too. Your refusal to recognize that is entirely irrelevant to that fact. It is not however irrelevant to your state before Him.


So what if this principle has been around for a long time?

So what if he is not collecting her tithe directly?

Does that somehow make his recommendation correct in this situation? Are you in agreement with Robertson that this woman should forgo paying her mortgage/bills in favour of her tithe?


Pay attention to the central theme while ignoring the direct advice he is giving this woman. He was suggesting a lot more than other areas that might needing tightening up. He says "don't rob god" and "if you really want his blessing [god] be faithful with your tithe." Did he at any point mention that if she in fact was managing her money she could stop tithing in times of financial trouble? Funny how he didn't mention that.

As for the source, what about the video seems fishy to you in particular? The lady asks the question in full and he answers without being cut off.


So what religion and what God is the correct one? What makes the word of Christian God more credible than that of the Hindus. Hinduism is older than Christianity, does that then make it more credible? How about the fact that the creation story from Genesis is nearly 100% copied from the Mesopotamian creation story with Marduk.