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Mortal Kombat Legacy


I remember seeing a trailer for this, and my bro sent me this, pretty good so far. Definately made with adults in mind as far as I can tell.



Major THANKS for posting this up. I'd totally forgotten about it. Awesome to see that it went forward!


am I the only one that wants to do Milena? lol


Is Milena 7 of 9?


I know the video game is the best fighting game I have ever played. Hell, watching other people play is actually enjoyable because of the graphics and fluid fighting.


Sonya Blade is 7 of 9.

Couple years ago when she was hotter, she was 9 of 9 :wink:


I remember when I was really little playing the first Mortal Kombat religiously. When i was Sub Zero I owned the arcade at the roller rink. Ahh growing up in the 90's. My friend has an xbox 360 so him and I would play Armageddon some, it's amazing how far that whole series has come.


Sonyas character is a huge disappointment, shes way hotter in the game haha...and the new Mortal Kombat for 360 is bad ass, Scorpion is the shit!


Watched the whole series last night, i do approve. Hope they turn it into a tv series or movie or something.



I havent played this stuff since MK3

What have I missed? have they ever made a story mode?

what has changed other than characters and hraphics?


Everything changed. You can now download Freddy Kreuger as a player on this game. If you haven't played it by now...your loss.


Im just not into video games. I havent played a single thing since Xmen legends 1. Im out of the loop.

Freddy Kreuger. That is lame. why not Hell Raiser?


Is it worth buying a system for?